«Fazio, Annunziata and Saviano away from Rai? Now let's talk about the defects»- Corriere.it

«Fazio, Annunziata and Saviano away from Rai?  Now let's talk about the defects»- Corriere.it

Of Nino Luca

Thus Tommaso Longobardi, the strategist of the premier's social accounts, in a post on Twitter

What do you think Giorgia Meloni of the outputs of Fazio And Announced from Rai? Not known yet.

But Tommaso Longobardi, the man who personally takes care of the prime minister's social profiles, published a post on this topic on his Twitter profile: and some might go so far as to think that what passes through the mind of the prime minister should not, after all, be , too dissimilar from this position.

Scandal in the new #Rai: - Fazio and Littizzetto leave - Annunziata resigns - Saviano talks about "the last time in Rai", writes Longobardi, before commenting with a joke: But now let's also talk about the defects.

An irony, that of the social guru of Fratelli d'Italia, who will certainly not escape the opposition.

Obviously, considerations of a different tenor were not expected after several ministers of the Brothers of Italy expressed their views on the matter. One at random? Tourism minister Santanch: L'Annunziata? If she was against the government she had a big chance. Then maybe we'll see her in a splendid electoral campaign. And Crosetto, defense minister: The Annunziata? I didn't even know she was a Rai employee. I found out from the fact that she leaves her. And so on.

So, the man who invented the video of Meloni inside the Palazzo Chigi on May 1st did nothing but explain with names and surnames and... joke what Giorgia had only outlined last Friday in the closing rally of the electoral campaign in Catania: If even in Rai someone decides they want to do something other not a problem that concerns us. Concluding with a dig: If in Rai someone has to measure up against merit and decides that he can't do it and has to measure up against something else, it's not a problem that we can ask ourselves.

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