Gender equality is far away. The map of women at the top: Iceland at the top for board attendances, female entrepreneurs fly to Kazakhstan

Gender equality is far away.  The map of women at the top: Iceland at the top for board attendances, female entrepreneurs fly to Kazakhstan

MILAN - Women's quotas are spreading throughout the world, even if the road to gender equality between management, ownership and board representation is still long. The experts of the insurance giant William Russell which is part of Allianz, draw up a ranking on female representation, from which unusual records emerge, and a poor representation in Italywhere thanks to the Golfo-Mosca law of 2011, women in the end are able to assert themselves only on company boards: in 2022 they represented 38.8% of the councils, but they stay ranked third in the world behind France (45.3%) and Iceland.

Representation on boards

L'Iceland is in fact, the first country in the world in terms of shares rose on boards of directors, where there approaches parity gender with a representation of female shares of 47.1% at the end of 2022. A figure which, moreover, is rapidly growing because at the end of 2021 women in companies with more than 50 employees represented 41.5% of listed companies and 38.3% of unlisted ones. In politics, however, the Finland has primacy as to number of women elected at the top of the government (well 4 prime ministers), while theAustrialia has the most female leaders in the world with a share of the 56.6% of the senate.

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The entrepreneurs

The most original ranking concerns female capital, where female entrepreneurs lag far behind entrepreneursboth when it comes to family businesses and generational transitions, and when it comes to start-ups and new companies. First place in the worldthere are the female entrepreneurs of the Kazakhstanto which it belongs a quarter (23.8% to be precise) of companies of the country. They come in second place Polish womenowner of 21.2% of local companies, follow the Latvians (20.7%), the Belarusians (19.2%) and the Lithuanians (18.4%). In short, female capitalism remains heavily under-represented in the West, and seems to flourish only in Eastern European countries and in the former Soviet republics. In Kazakhstan, female capitalism is also rapidly increasing: 23.8% of companies in 2022 had a board with a female majority, while among SMEs, 43.3% of companies are controlled by a female entrepreneur, more than double the figure for 2010 (26% of SMEs).

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The managers

Such a picture also concerns business management: there are always men who lead companies, but the country with the highest number of female CEOs is Latvia (32.6%) where one out of three managers is a woman, followed by the Lithuania (30.7%), Bulgaria (28.8%) Poland (27.8%) and Malaysia (26.3%). In short, paradoxically, despite the opening up of wage policies (gender gap) and representation in top roles (gender equality), it seems that in order to emancipate themselves and reach top roles at the top and in the shareholding structure, Western women seem destined to have to migrate east.

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