From bank deposits to registration tax on first homes, green light from the Senate to the EU anti-infringement decree

From bank deposits to registration tax on first homes, green light from the Senate to the EU anti-infringement decree

Green light from the Senate with 79 yes, 26 no and 27 abstentions for the EU infringement law decree. The provision, which now passes to the Chamber, aims to facilitate the closure of 8 infringement procedures, 7 pre-infringement cases and one state aid case, as well as to adapt the national legal system to 4 regulations and a directive.

Registration tax concessions

The infringement procedures on which action is taken relate to various subjects, from the facilitation of registration tax for the purchase of the so-called first home to protective measures in criminal proceedings and in the procedure for executing the European arrest warrant; from the response to the complaints made by the Commission under the profile of the abuse of precariousness and the unequal treatment of school staff and firefighters with fixed-term contracts compared to permanent staff, to measures for improving air quality and the prevention of risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation.

The pre-infringement procedures

«As for the pre-infringement procedures, - continues the note from Palazzo Chigi - the closure of cases open to the European Commission is facilitated in relation to the provisions on: guarantee of bank deposits (significantly increasing the protection of savers in the event of non-repayment of deposits by the bank of reference, ed); aggregation of insurance periods completed with international organisations; the elimination of anti-competitive provisions on advertising in the healthcare sector; issue of passports (the intervention proposes the overcoming of the current regime, which makes the issue of documents valid for expatriation in favor of those who are parents of minor children subject to the authorization of the guardianship judge, unless there is the consent of the other parent, editor's note); verification of the efficiency of investments in the gas distribution network».

Changes in committee

There are several changes made during the examination of the provision in the EU Policies Commission, rapporteur the president, Giulio Terzi (FdI). Green light to the proposals presented by the Government. Among these, the main ones are the amendment on Ilva focused in particular on the decarbonisation programme; the amendment which introduces quantitative limits (at least 30% or 40% depending on the case) in the restructuring agreements in the event of a business crisis for the recovery of credits by the financial administration and by the entities managing mandatory social security and assistance; the amendment to modify the rules on early withdrawal from a supply contract which allow the supplier to request a cash payment only if both conditions of a fixed-term and fixed-price contract are present.

Education, Anief in hearing in the Senate to improve the Salva-Infractions Decree and save the school

P. Chigi, ok in Commission to amendment on Ilva

The Government's amendment to the infringement law on Ilva "facilitates the closure of the infringement procedure pending on the Ilva plant in Taranto (n. 2013/2177), relating to the failure by the competent Italian authorities to adopt the measures necessary to reduce the environmental impact of the plant, in violation of directive 2010/75/EU relating to industrial emissions (the so-called IED directive)". The note from Palazzo Chigi specifies that, «in detail, the regulatory intervention allows the continuation of the modernization and decarbonisation activity of the Taranto iron and steel plant (unlike what is instrumentally supported by some opposition) in implementation of the environmental remediation plan and the provisions contained in the integrated environmental authorisation. By decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, the criteria for implementing decarbonisation projects will be defined, with an indication of the maximum terms of implementation. Furthermore, further decarbonisation projects may be presented by the operator with charges to be borne exclusively by it".

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