Fininvest, Berlusconi's will and the hypothesis of a pact between brothers for the reorganization -

Fininvest, Berlusconi's will and the hypothesis of a pact between brothers for the reorganization -

The safe of the Berlusconi family and the hypotheses on the rearrangement

The family safe that governs the investments in Mfe-Mediaset, Mondadori, Banca Mediolanum and others, will be controlled - except for sensational surprises contained in the founder's last wishes - by the 5 brothers, perhaps united in a syndicate pact, as some rumors suggest, with a possible "technical" share to act as a hinge between Pier Silvio-Marina and the most young Barbara, Luigi and Eleonora. Even in this perspective of reorganization, according to multiple sources, the brothers would move in total harmony and would have been informed by their father for some time about the fate of his Fininvest share. In the privacy that surrounds the family and awaiting the will, they are only indiscretions, but converging, so much so that the post-Silvio process of change at Fininvest would have already startedin a unified and orderly way. In other words, it is only a question of adapting the most important asset to the coexistence of five shareholders, the engine of Berlusconi's wealth and power which is also the heart of the will. The rest, by comparison, (mansions, paintings, money) are pennies.

Doubts about Fininvest shares

The rearrangement it should also introduce restrictions on stock trading which today, surprisingly, would be completely absent, to the point that Fininvest shares are freely transferable without an internal pre-emption mechanism. And therefore in theory a purchase offer (or a sale of shareholders) would not clash with the classic defenses provided for in the statutes of family safes. As long as the founder "commanded" with 61% there was no discussion or need for "limits". Today the climate within the family has not changed, indeed the death of the father would have strengthened the ties between the brothers even more, including business. The opportunity to review the statutory governance, however, had already been presented to the former prime minister. it is a practice in all large family safes to introduce pre-emption and qualified majorities. In Fininvest there are not even shareholders' agreements to block shares of capital or bind votes because, in the case, they should have been communicated to the stock market authorities.

The five Berlusconi brothers and the great maneuvers to lock down the group

Therefore, the work in progress sign will be hung in the headquarters in via Paleocapa, commissioned by the five Berlusconi brothers who today they approve the 2022 budget and renew the board of directorsalways chaired by Marina Berlusconi. In 2021 the holding recorded 3.8 billion in consolidated revenues with 360 million in profit and a dividend of 150 million. The other institutional appointment will be held in Germany tomorrow with the ProSiebenSat assembly.1 Media in whose capital MfE recently climbed to 28.87%.
Representing the share of the founder's four holdings will always be the trusted accountant Giuseppe Spinelli. Perhaps for the last time because then the old Biscione will retire

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