Car super tax, no to abolition: here is the calculation, model by model

Car super tax, no to abolition: here is the calculation, model by model

MILAN. The super vignette on large-engined cars will remain in effect for now. The government's hypothesis was to eliminate this tax but for now this tax remains. It is a tax that weighs heavily on the pockets of Italians. The calculations come from Federcarrozzieri which has lined up the numbers ranging from 140 euros for the Toyota Yaris Gr to 8,660 euros for the Ferrari Daytona SP3. Here are the calculations made by Federcarrozzieri of the cost of the superbollo on large-engined diesel cars which, with the amendment approved today to the fiscal delegation, could be canceled in the future.

-Toyota Yaris GR (192 kW) 140 euros

-Jeep Grand Cherokee (200 kW) 300 euros

-Ford Focus ST (206 kW) 420 euros

-Hyundai i30N Performance (206 kW) 420 euros

-Hyundai Kona N Performance (206 kW) 420 euros

-Alfa Romeo Stelvio (206 kW) 420 euros

-Renault Megane RS (221 kW) 720 euros

-Range Rover Evoque 2.0 (221 kW) 720 euros

-Mercedes A35 AMG (224 kW) 780 euros

-Mini Clubman John Cooper Works (225 kW) 800 euros

-Volvo S60 T8 (228 kW) 860 euros

-Volkswagen Golf R (245 kW) 1,200 euros

-Bmw X3 xDriveM40d (250 kW) 1,300 euros

-Audi S4 Avant TDI (251 kW) 1,320 euros

-Lexus LC V8 (351 kW) 3,320 euros

-Jaguar F-Type R75 (423 kW) 4,760 euros

-Audi R8 Spyder performance (456 kW) 5,420 euros

-Bmw X6 M Competition (460 kW) 5,500 euros

-Maserati MC20 (463 kW) 5,560 euros

-Mercedes GT Coupe 4 63 E-Performance AMG S (470 kW) 5,700 euros

-Bentley Continental GT Convertible (485 kW) 6,000 euros

-Aston Martin DBS (533 kW) 6,960 euros

-Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae (577 kW) 7,840 euros

-Ferrari 812 Superfast (588 kW) 8,060 euros

-Ferrari Daytona SP3 (618 kW) 8,660 euros

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