Fenix ​​is ​​at the start, the Fdi youth event. But Atreju returns in September

Fenix ​​is ​​at the start, the Fdi youth event.  But Atreju returns in September


With the cutting of the tricolor ribbon at the entrance to the village set up at the Eur lake in Rome, “Fenix”, the National Youth Festival (the youth movement of the Brothers of Italy) officially opened on 29 June and ends on Sunday. The title of this year’s edition is “We’ll call it the future. Coordinates to bring Italy to the top”. Guests on the first day were the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri and the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa (“The flame in the symbol – he says among other things – is a consequence, the important thing is to have a flame in your heart that burns for our homeland ”) which is aimed at a very young audience (the latest arrival is just 14 years old) who until a few minutes before were busy setting up the “village” of the event.

The organization of the event

Between stands, platforms, sofas, double stage, relaxation areas, ping pong tables and games for children. The Roman heat does not hold back the approximately one hundred volunteers who have arrived from all over Italy for the event which marks “the change of pace”. «We do things big», a boy says with satisfaction. From the loudspeakers a playlist is repeated that plays the great classics of Italian song, from Lucio Battisti to Fabrizio De Andrè, from Pino Daniele to Rino Gaetano, up to the new hits of Sanremo. Not missing Lucio Dalla, whose “Futura”, according to some, inspired the title of the event.

The love for the Tolkenian tradition

The militants all wear the official National Youth t-shirt, whether it is white, red or green. Some bear phrases such as “patriot” and “Italians first”. The same slogans of mugs and pins sold at the stands. In that of the books, D’Annunzio, Mishima and Almirante dominate. The president of the movement Fabio Roscani, an FdI deputy born in 1990, does not hide his love for the Tolkenian tradition. And he assures: “Among us the true modern heroes are Falcone and Borsellino, in front of whom the strings of the soul vibrate”.

Comparison with Atreju

The confrontation with Atreju, the youth right-wing party that consecrated the nascent leadership of Giorgia Meloni and many others, now leading exponents of FdI, is inevitable. Roscani has no doubts: “If a Fenix ​​generation grows alongside the Atreju generation, we will protect the history of the Italian right”. The deputy is keen to reiterate that Fenix ​​is ​​not “an alternative to Atreju”. The elders of the party explain that this year too, after a break, the event will return in September. No conflict, but the demonstration, among the younger ones, is seen as a party event, of the “grown-ups”. The young people of FdI claim Fenix ​​as a place for the youth movement.

Even Travaglio among the guests

“The movement has always had a space of autonomy, but not of independence”, specify the boys, who define themselves as “pure Melonians”. But the militants are keen to point out that this, like Atreju, is an event open to discussion. From the mayor Roberto Gualtieri, to Marco Travaglio there will be opportunities for bitter debate. Then, on the calendar, the panels with various ministers: among others, Tajani, Roccella, Crosetto, Bernini, Valditara, Fitto, Sangiuliano. The youngsters of Vox are also expected.


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