Experimental center, the students win: the right sets aside the amendment on subdivision

Experimental center, the students win: the right sets aside the amendment on subdivision

The majority sends the subdivision of the governance of the Experimental Cinematography Center to the attic. "The government in committee has decided to shelve the amendment", rejoices the deputy of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingarettiamong the first, together with Republicto denounce the move by the centre-right.

The students of the Center had also mobilized against the amendment, signed by four members of the League. "Culture cannot be parceled out, the Experimental Center cannot be tied up", read the protest banner hanging on the facade of the building in Via Tuscolana, in Rome. “A very useful mobilization”, comments Zingaretti now. "The shelving of the amendment on the Experimental Center for Cinematography demonstrates that our mobilization to avoid subdivisions and partitions was just and founded," he wrote on Twitter Charles Calenda.

The amendment of the League

Last week the League presented an amendment to the Jubilee Decree with the aim of dismantling the Foundation that deals with Cinema, chaired by Martha Donzelli, and bring it under the control of the executive. Furthermore, the provision would have allowed the elimination of the current top management almost two years in advance of the natural end of the mandate.

In addition to the suppression of the general manager, the amendment envisaged a substantial change in the tasks, structure, appointment and fees (now absent) of the Scientific Committee; who would become the dominus of the Foundation as indicated no longer by the president, but by three different ministries. The members of the Scientific Committee would have risen from four to six: three from the Ministry of Culture, two from the Ministry of Education and Merit, one from the Ministry of Economy.

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