“European? The center-right presents itself federated ”. Speak Wolves (We with Italy)

“European?  The center-right presents itself federated ”.  Speak Wolves (We with Italy)


“There is still a year to go, but running for elections together could be a solution. The League? It will have to choose whether to stay with the conservatives or with the popular ones”, the centrist leader tells us

I don’t believe in the single party. Rather, in anticipation of the next European elections, we can work on a federative pact between all the forces that identify with the values ​​of the EPP, which remains the political pillar of the European centre-right”. The honorable Maurizio Lupi he has clear in mind the challenge that the majority forces will have to face within a year. And that is to give a change to European politics by focusing on the conservative-popular axis. “And the model can only be the Italian centre-right, the great legacy left to us by Silvio Berlusconi,” says the leader of Noi con l’Italia. Basically, does it mean showing up together at the electoral appointment? “We still have a year of work ahead of us, we will discuss it. If there is a shared future project, federation can be a solution. But also to go divided, with the proportional system, and to unite after the vote. After all, that’s what the popular and socialists did. But a model like ours that brings together conservatives, popular and maybe liberals is an interesting challenge”.

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