Daniela Santanchè, the fear of Palazzo Chigi for the developments of the investigation. The minister: nothing to clarify - Corriere.it

Daniela Santanchè, the fear of Palazzo Chigi for the developments of the investigation.  The minister: nothing to clarify - Corriere.it

Of Monica Guerzoni

Nevi (FI): «If he goes to trial, she will decide whether to step back»

Long faces and disconnected phones. At Palazzo Chigi the embarrassment is strong and so is the fear that one move by prosecutors can do dance the government. Because now, in addition to the oppositions calling for the resignation of Daniela Santanchè, the wall of the majority in defense of the Minister of Tourism is starting to creak. From the League and from Forza Italia the dissonant first voices urging Senator a clarify. She assures that "It's all bullshit"insists that the program of Siegfried Ranucci he just wanted to discredit you and confirms that he has filed more than one lawsuit. But at Palazzo Chigi there is growing concern about a case that explodes in stressful days between and within the majority parties.

First of all, the League. Impossible not to notice how the group leader in the Chamber, Richard Molinari, in defending the government representative because "trials are not done on television", expresses a concept that does not stray too far from the arguments of the Democratic Party and the M5S. And that is that at the appropriate time the Minister of Tourism "he will come to Parliament to explain his reasons". The problem is that the exponent of Fratelli d'Italia, who had the president as the lawyer for his companies Ignatius LaRussais convinced that she "doesn't have to explain anything" in addition to the few lines of note with which two days ago she denied "news without correspondence with the historical truth".

In the rooms of the Presidency of the Council the investigation of the Rai 3 broadcast is evaluated with extreme seriousness. To listen to the Melonian parliamentarians the premier is experiencing the controversy with embarrassment and fear, for the image and stability of the government. The choice of the minister of do not answer on the merits of the accusations increases the unease and the satisfaction with which Santanchè lets his government colleagues know that "up to now I have always won in court" is certainly not enough. Melons he cares very much about Tourism and it is to say the least annoyed by the storm that hit the minister. Yet she is determined to support her, as she did months ago when the Delmastro & Donzelli duo ended up in the storm. But if Santanchè were indicted, it is clear that her premier would ask her to leave.

A high-ranking Melonian tries to interpret Meloni's mood: «Are you worried? I would say that there is caution, also because we have not yet understood whether Daniela is being investigated for false accounting ». Doubts and fears that the Tourism manager hopes to sweep away by flaunting serenity while waiting for the tide to subside. Certain don't think about leaving and it does not appear that the premier has yet asked him during the confrontation in which the minister assured her that no, she has nothing to do with this story. «I don't have a warranty notice, nor a trial — is the formula with which Santanchè reassures his colleagues — The lawsuit is civil, not criminal».

The various Conte, Schlein, Calenda, Bonelli and Fratoianni who invoke the step backwards don't seem to scare her too much, according to the joke she delivered to her parents: «Oh well, I am the eleventh minister whose resignation they are asking for!». You are well aware, Santanchè, that a no-confidence motion against you would not pass and that the only result would be to reunite the majority. Safe, almost bold, confirmed the appointments on the agendayesterday she went to Capri with the young entrepreneurs and appeared to be "quiet" and today she should be in Ischia for the event of the European conservatories.

They will ask her if it is true that the employees fired by Ki Group are still waiting for the severance pay, if the suppliers have been paid and if the managers, including her, have really received golden rewards despite the company's crisis. Questions that Santanchè believes he does not have to answer, because at the time she held "only 3%" of Ki Group. For Antonio Tajani "everything is fine". Nevertheless Raffaele Nevideputy vice president of the Chamber very close to the president in pectore of FI, seems to fear judicial developments: «If Santanchè were to be sent to trial, she will decide whether to step back».

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