Come on Italy, via the treasurer Messina. The lawyer arrives

Come on Italy, via the treasurer Messina.  The lawyer arrives

Of Giuseppe Alberto Falci

the bearer of the symbol. Today the presidential committee. Tensions in the party, Tajani goes on

The umpteenth long day of Forza Italia begins at 10.30 in the morning when the agenda of the presidency committee, set for today, is released. Surprisingly, a second point peeps out regarding the replacement of the commissioner of the national administration. Translated, it means that the party intends replace the accountant, the treasurer, the depositary of the symbol of the blues. That is to say, Alfred MessinaFininvest manager for 30 years, former parliamentarian, a figure close to the Berlusconi family.

Panic among the House and Senate troops. And now what will happen? Messina will come the symbol with s?. In fact, any decision on the use of the symbol passes through the treasurer. And again: whoever holds that position in fact the list representative and the one who has to sign the internal nominations. Not by chance, in the April days of the Knight's first hospitalization, Messina himself said: By statute, so foreseen, I am the bearer of the symbol.

And if the concern spreads among the second ranks of the party, from London Antonio Tajani tries to calm the spirits. There is no political question. Messina has 87 years old. I would say more than a generational change. The deputy premier says he spoke about it on Tuesday with Messina. In short, the case appears to be closed.

The new treasurermost likely, will be Fabio Roscioli, Roman lawyer, budget expert, and close to the Berlusconi family. And a signal, the latter, because it means that the heirs of the former prime minister intend to continue investing in Forza Italia and guarantee coverage of the guaranteesas assured by Tajani a few days ago.

Thus the treasurer affair fits into a context that is certainly not easy for the party founded by Berlusconi. Today the presidential committee, in charge of establishing the national council by the end of July, dictated the times and methods of the congress which should be held after the European elections. But first of all, the president knot will have to be untied. Who will succeed the Knight? The favorite remains Antonio Tajani. And he is, as many point out, by curriculum vitae, because he is the co-founder, because today he is the most authoritative figure. At the same time, the deputy prime minister does not intend to be worn down by the internal dynamics and underground clashes that are taking place in these hours.

Tajani certainly didn't like the hypothesis aired by some internal opponents on the fact that he should weigh himself as leaders in the Europeans, as his internal opponents have filtered. Can I run for leader? But how can one say such a thing? I have already made the leaders in the last European championships of 2019 the deputy premier would have vented. In short, the climate remains on fire. As, on the other hand, the parliamentarians closest to Marta Fascina point out. Which they feel surrounded by the press campaign against Martha. One of them explains: These are attacks that derive from those who have been downsized in recent months, even in a somewhat subtle way, taking advantage of a mourning situation, to eliminate a large slice of the party, so as to present themselves as unique interlocutors in the Tajani area . Not so veiled allusion to the current headed by Licia Ronzulli, who would like to downsize Fascina but finds a good portion of the party strenuously against it. Enough to inflame the climate on the eve of the first important appointment after the leader's death.

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