two names for the final choice -

two names for the final choice -

Of Mario Sensini

Vadal-Dell'Acqua head-to-head. The appointment could be postponed: funds are being sought for the calamit bill

Joseph Vadalcommissioner for landfill reclamation since 2017, e Nicholas Dell'Acqua, appointed last March commissioner for the water emergency. These are the strong candidates, more the former than the latter, for the role of commissioner for the reconstruction of Emilia-Romagna after the flood. Today the question will be on the table of the Council of Ministers together with the bill which provides for a single model for all reconstruction after a disaster, be it floods or earthquakes, which provides for a maximum term of 9 years to complete the works, and which will be adopted also for Emilia-Romagna. not said, for, that the decision on the commissioner comes today. The reconstruction bill will enter into force after conversion in Parliament, and the appointment must take place according to the procedures in force: a decree law, the designation of the Prime Minister, the appointment by decree of the President of the Republic.

The problem today is precisely the decree, which should contain at least the first financial resources, funds that the government is struggling to find, despite the pressure from the Governor of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini. Yesterday he was heard in the Chamber, and he reiterated that in the funds made available by the government, on paper 2.2 billion, there is not one euro for urgent works. It is no coincidence that even Municipalities and Provinces with the presidents of Anci, Antonio Decaro, and of Upi, Michele de Pascale, they reject the provision speaking of closure by the government.

According to the scheme of the new reconstruction code, the extraordinary commissioner must make the list of interventions, quantify and allocate the resources with his own ordinances, which however must be approved in concert with the Ministry of the Economy, which will therefore keep the cords of the bag, exactly as happens with the ordinances of the Civil Protectionbut unlike what happens with the ordinances passed by the extraordinary commissioners of the ongoing reconstructions.

On the choice of the commissioner, who according to the new Code must have specific professionalism and managerial competence to manage operations in the context of a state of reconstruction following the state of emergency, the shortlist is limited to Vadal and Dell'Acqua, However, he was appointed in March and has just begun to set up the support structure. Vadal, on the other hand, is already well advanced in his work. Among the names circulating there is also that of Fabrizio Curcio, but here a full-time assignment is envisaged, hardly compatible with the guidance of the Civil Protection. Curcio also reminded the Chamber yesterday that further financial efforts will be needed.

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June 21, 2023 (change June 21, 2023 | 22:07)

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