«Choosing a technician as commissioner? Normal and legitimate hypothesis. No one should resent it»- Corriere.it

«Choosing a technician as commissioner?  Normal and legitimate hypothesis.  No one should resent it»- Corriere.it

Of Adriana Logroscino

The minister: Emilia-Romagna is ready to welcome tourists

Emilia-Romagna ready to welcome tourists. There will be no cancellations. Daniela Santanch, Minister of Tourism, shows optimism. And, while she works with the Region to plan a dedicated communicationtry to turn off the controversy about the commissioner: Bonaccini would certainly have all the credentials. But if the government chooses a technician, rather than a politician....

Minister Santanch, what will the promotion campaign to relaunch tourism in Romagna be about?

We aim to get the message across that Emilia-Romagna is ready: hotels and establishments are already equipped to welcome their tourists with the usual professionalism. This, let me tell you, is thanks to the extraordinary resilience of all the operators in the sector and of all the citizens of Emilia Romagna who have shown great dignity and immediately rolled up their sleeves to fix the damage. an industrious land, with a unique welcome, and I invite everyone to come here on vacation.

Resources dedicated to the tourism sector will also be needed.
As is known, the government immediately made two billion available to deal with the emergency phase. As Ministry of Tourism we wanted to give a signal to our sector, setting up a fund of ten million in favor of companies in the sector. We owe it to this land, to the men and women who spared no effort in rushing to repair the damage suffered with great dignity and with a smile on their lips.

Aren't you afraid of the risk that tourists may be frightened by the images that circulate and that, at this time when they are booking for the summer holidays, they may choose other destinations?

In every venue, in every circumstance, it needs to be reiterated: the real situation is that Emilia-Romagna is already ready to welcome tourists for the summer season, in safety. The territory, its structures and the entire holiday industry in the area have already broken down and I was able to verify this on Saturday, going in person. We absolutely must not let the image pass, as unfortunately is happening especially in some foreign newspapers, that Emilia-Romagna is submerged in water: the coast has not been damaged.

How will you get this message across?

I launched an international promotion campaign to support tourism, in collaboration with Enit and the Region, directed above all towards the reference markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France. Regular tourists and friends that this area cannot afford to lose.

We are almost in June: will it be enough to avoid setbacks this season?

I'm sure. Romagna thrives on tourism, it has taught the world what welcome and hospitality are, also thanks to the extraordinary dose of empathy of its people. The best way to help them go on vacation. There shouldn't be a single cancellation this summer.

What do you think of the intention to appoint someone other than the President of the Region as emergency commissioner?

If the commissioner were a politician, Bonaccini would have all the credentials for the role. If, on the other hand, the choice falls on a coach, a different hypothesis, but completely normal and legitimate, it would not mean considering Bonaccini not up to par.

Wouldn't the collaboration between the government and the Region be affected by this?

No. If a technician were identified, no one would have reason to resent it.

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