Ceferin on Juve's jugular

Ceferin on Juve's jugular

That Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, would be very happy to be able to bite the jugular the three "rebel clubs" that still insist on the Superlega project is very well known, and for the past two years the pressures, not always very clear under the formal and jurisdictional profile, exercised by UEFA to make the "rebels" retreat. Unfortunately for Juventus, the only club whose jugular Ceferin has within reach is the Turin club. Yesterday, articles on indiscretions that recount a "blackmail" against the Agnelli-Elkann club held the scene: since UEFA will also have to judge (in June) the papers of the Prisma investigation on capital gains, and Juventus risks a heavy sentence (exclusion cups), the way to "soften" UEFA would be to present themselves in Canossa on the Superlega theme. Certainly not an act of juridical-sporting fairplay, but a true act of rule (or abuse of role).

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