Nedved all Juve, sex and rock n'roll

Nedved all Juve, sex and rock n'roll

acquitted. The only top figure of the "Juventus that was" to save himself from the avalanche of the capital gains case: vice president and with power of legal representation, yes, but unrelated to the charges that concerned the various Paratici, Cherubini and Arrivabene, not to mention Andrea Agnelli. Pavel Nedved comes out of the first line of justice that overwhelmed Juventus as he did on the pitch, when he managed to break the double marking by making himself tiny in order to pass through the only hole left available: he often ended up on the ground, stopped with the bad guys. In the best cases, however, he freed the right or left from the edge, seeing the nets swell in order to contain the power that he knew how to unleash. He had arrived in Italy a month after having hurt us, chest stop and surgical touch on Angelo Peruzzi's low exit, with the squared face, the hair cut short, the crooked legs of someone who has done nothing in life but play football , a soldier's profile. It was the match that more than any other had marked, in the eyes of public opinion, the decline of Arrigo Sacchi, who played the 1996 European Championship and his reputation on the altar of turnover. Thus began the relationship between Nedved and Italy, very distant worlds: on the one hand a boy forced to become a man early, Anna and Vaclav's fifth child, a saleswoman mother and a miner father with a passion for football, and on the other the best world championship, glitter and sequins, a carousel in which one like this risked getting lost. But his main talent was perseverance, combined with a TNT shot from afar, ready to explode with either foot, old-time footballer skills and a manifest of self-sacrifice.

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