The Juventus affair could also distort the next Serie A

The Juventus affair could also distort the next Serie A

Let me toast to Knollsy, the wonderful West Ham fan who in the second leg of the Conference League semi-final against AZ defended the families of his club's players alone from the onslaught of the Dutch ultras, kicking and punching as God intended. At last Sunday's match against Leeds Knollsy appeared as always in his place in the stands of the London Stadium, with a black eye and some ailments after the blows taken and given, and was greeted by a standing ovations of the whole sector. After the match he was overwhelmed by the affection of the other West Ham fans, who hugged him, kissed him, dedicated a chant to him and offered beer as if it were raining for him. Knollsy was moved, and it moved the old cynical and reactionary heart in me a little too: as long as there will be beatings in the stadium, defense of the tribe and beers offered, there is hope, the re-education of humanity's crooked wood through politically correct football he still fumbles. As you know, West Ham will win the useless Conference League against Fiorentina in Prague, and Manchester City will lift the Champions League after beating Inter, making the sheikh of the emirates Mansour Al Nahyan happy, in the face of the Qatari "colleague" who owns the PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The French team is now in disarray, between the escape of Messi and the popular uprising against Neymar, and the property is so desperate and prey to an attack of masochism that it would have decided not only to invest in bankruptcy Italian football, but even in Sampdoria. Happy them.

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