Calenda Scalfarotto clash: exchange of accusations about Renzi and the third pole

Calenda Scalfarotto clash: exchange of accusations about Renzi and the third pole

"I think Italia Viva is keeping its hands free to reason with the government majority". Charles Calenda. Not leaked from a backstory, but spoken on TV. Words that reopen the front of the clash with Matthew Renzion the day in which the senators of Action and Italia viva (among the ranks of the group are Renzi and Calenda themselves) elect a new common group leader in the Senate: Enrico Borghi, passed to IV from the Democratic Party.

This time it is the leader of Action who opens a new front within the (former) Third Pole. He does so precisely by accusing the former prime minister of winking at the parties that support the government, Forza Italia in primis. Enough to hypothesize a passage of Renzi's party among the benches of the majority. "I believe that Iv is keeping his hands free to reason with the majority", is Calenda's suspicion.

The suspicion is blatantly expressed by Calenda during an interview with Skytg24while voting was underway in the Senate for the election of Enrico Borgo (ex Pd then passed to Italia Viva) as president of the Third Pole group. A timing that did not escape Senator Renziano Ivan Scalfarotto. “While the whole Az-Iv united group was gathered to elect Borghi to the Senate, Calenda from the television studios once again attacked Iv and Renzi,” he replied via Twitter.

For Scalfarotto, Calenda's words are the demonstration of a “constant discrepancy between the always serene atmosphere that reigns in the group and Calenda's attitude outside. With a single gesture, Calenda demonstrated his institutional sensitivity, his respect for his colleagues and gave yet another proof of political acumen and vision, characteristics that all his colleagues in Parliament compete to recognize in him". And he concludes: "The single-party project failed because Calenda was afraid of losing the joint congress. All the rest is bar talk”.

It is the usual handover of responsibility that began with the end of the single-party project. The leader of Action puts on the table the hypothesis that Renzi wants to pass in the majority thus closing the last glimmer of unity in view of the 2024 Europeans. "Renzi dropped this project, do you want to drop the groups to chase Forza Italia? You have to explain it. There is a commitment with the voters, I don't drop the groups. Renzi will decide it. Obviously, if he goes with Forza Italia, the groups will fall but it is a choice that Matteo Renzi will make, not that I have to make".

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