Calenda: "Gualtieri linked to lobbies, after 600 days Rome is indecorous"

Calenda: "Gualtieri linked to lobbies, after 600 days Rome is indecorous"

Charles Calenda draws a balance sheet of the first 600 days of administration weblog Robert Gualtieri. "A failure, absolutely nothing was done", says the leader of Action who calls for the reshuffle of Giunta: "Rome was indecorous and remains indecorous". But on the other hand, he says at the press conference, "it was clear that the Roman Democratic Party is linked to every single lobby that exists in this city and that there is no possibility of changing things".

The meeting begins with the screening of a video from 21 June 2021 when Roberto Gualtieri, during the electoral campaign, said that the waste-to-energy plant of Rome would not have been built. Then other archive images that date back to when the current mayor of the capital claimed that the Rome stadium was not to be done Stoned. "Here - says the leader of Action - I think that in life one can say nonsense but Gualtieri said two very great ones. Now he thinks like us, I'm glad he but he should apologize".

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by Clement Pistilli

Then Calenda reviews various issues, that of wastewhose "collection is haywire for lack of means, for this Loves must enter Acea", that of transport with the Ztl green band "a wrong choice that forced the mayor to back down". And then again the leader of Action talks about the Taxi "untraceable", of the trade which sees "the proliferation of administration activities which makes the tourist offer often of a low level".

And finally a reference to Albino Ruberti, the protagonist of a dispute, complete with a video shot in a restaurant in Frosinone, in which he said to his interlocutors: "I'll shoot you, I'll kill you. You have to kneel". So for Calenda one cannot "attend a cabinet chief who is sent away because he is said to have behaved unworthy and then is rehired at Risorse per Roma to be the cabinet chief anyway". Then, a message to Gualtieri: "We are not fools".

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