Bonomi on record heat: "We need smart working and cig"

Bonomi on record heat: "We need smart working and cig"

"We need a protocol for layoffs and smart working for workers, as during Covid-19" says the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, a guest on Start, on Sky TG24, about the protection of workers in these days of extreme heat.

According to Uil secretary Pierpaolo Borbardieri, however, «There is no time to discuss protocols. A decree law is needed immediately that protects workers from high temperatures and prohibits particularly exposed jobs, above 33 °C ».

«We must act quickly and protect the most exposed and fragile workers from heat waves. An agreement between the Government and the social partners is urgently needed in the next few hours to be implemented in a Decree in the wake of the safety protocols activated during the Covid. Cigo also below 35 degrees, specific Dpi. We need to change the organization of work, remodulate schedules, rotate people, ensure breaks, deliver adequate equipment and clothing, more health surveillance, use smart working. The ad hoc ordinances of many Regions that have stopped work activities at risk in the time slots from 12 to 16 are good» writes the general secretary of the Cisl Luigi Sbarra on Facebook.

Inps: Cig even below 35 degrees
Meanwhile, the indication contained in a new INPS message says that it is possible to activate the Cig even for a temperature below 35 degrees if you work in the sun or if the humidity in the air increases the value of the perceived heat. In fact, it will be necessary to take into account the type of activity carried out and the conditions in which the workers find themselves operating. The indication is contained in a press release released "in consideration of the exceptional heat wave and the impact that these climatic conditions can determine on work activities and on the possible suspension or reduction of the same with recognition of wage integration treatment".

Fever from the heat, it is an assault on the emergency rooms

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Tomorrow still 19 red dot cities
Even tomorrow 19 cities in Italy will be red dot. The heat does not give respite to the country. Bologna, Florence, Ancona, Perugia, Rieti, Viterbo, Civitavecchia, Rome, Latina, Naples, Pescara, Frosinone, Campobasso, Bari, Reggio Calabria, CAtania, Palermo, Cagliari are the cities where heat waves will still hit. Only Genoa will have a yellow dot tomorrow, while the bad weather that has hit all of Northern Italy will result in green dots for Turin, Milan, Brescia, Verona, Trieste and Venice.

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A red dot arrives for workers
In the meantime, Inail and Cnr have presented a new tool to monitor the heat alert for workers' health. It's called "Worklimate 2.0" and it's a heat stress prediction system for occupational risk screening, a sort of map with red dots. On the dedicated website there are maps that provide, for up to three days, the geographical areas where the greatest risks deriving from the heat are concentrated, coloring them bright red. The danger scale for workers goes from green, no risk, to red, maximum level, passing through yellow and orange, which respectively indicate a low and a moderate risk

The platform was presented during a seminar organized by INAIL. With a greater level of detail it also allows you to know in advance the hours to avoid by type of work, from the heaviest with intense physical activity, to the lightest ones with moderate physical activity, also being able to distinguish whether you work in the sun or in the shade.

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