Appointments Rai, Chiocci on Tg1, Preziosi on Tg2, Orfeo on Tg3. Confirmation of the Board

Appointments Rai, Chiocci on Tg1, Preziosi on Tg2, Orfeo on Tg3.  Confirmation of the Board

All confirmed the rumors of the eve for the appointments at the helm of newspapers and genres in Rai. This morning the members of the board of directors received the curricula of the directors proposed by the new CEO Roberto Sergio at the first useful meeting after his inauguration. A full-bodied intervention, which also puts a hand on Tg1 where the director of Adnkronos, Gian Marco Chiocci, sponsored by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, will go, and Tg2, the box conquered by Forza Italia for Antonio Preziosi. The CEO can count on three votes in favor out of seven, his own and that of the two majority councilors, Simona Agnes elected in the Forza Italia quota and Igor De Biasio elected in the Lega quota, which would in any case be sufficient for the go-ahead. In fact, five votes in the council are needed to block editorial appointments. There won't be, but there is no shortage of discontent. In recent days, President Marinella Soldi had publicly expressed her dissatisfaction with the scarce presence of female figures and she is preparing to abstain at least in some appointments, such as that of Chiocci, also because she is an outsider. The Pd councilor, Francesca Bria, speaks, in a statement to La Repubblica, of appointments "inadmissible in terms of merit and method" and of "wild subdivision of the company by the majority" and therefore will vote against. Another no could come from the director elected by the employees Riccardo Laganà, who could however also opt for leaving the room as in the case of previous appointments to the newspapers. Doubts about the nomination package also in the 5 Star Movement, even if Alessandro Di Majo's vote remains uncertain.
"Full intrusiveness and interference by the government" speaks Usigrai who stigmatizes, in addition to the choices of external journalists, the scarce female presence, as does the Giulia association. On the opposite front, sources on the seventh floor of Viale Mazzini point out that a judgment can only be given when the overall picture of the appointments has been defined. In fact, the CEO will have two women as head and deputy of her staff and the boards of the subsidiaries Rai Com and Rai Cinema will have equal representation of the two sexes. In addition, three women will be confirmed in key genre directions such as Fiction, Culture and Rai Play and a female guide, i.e. Monica Maggioni, is also expected for the Information Offer. Finally, even in Isoradio there will be a woman who, at least for the moment, will continue to be Angela Mariella, in the Lega share. The picture also sees the confirmation, for Fdi, of Paolo Petrecca to Rainews. The Five Star Movement would have wanted that role for Giuseppe Carboni, which however is destined for Rai Parliament, and also obtained the direction of Cinema and TV Series for Adriano De Maio, Radio 2 for Simona Sala and the presidency of Rai Com for Claudia Mazzola. The League will be able to count on the Gr Radio, where Francesco Pionati is arriving, with the transfer of Andrea Vianello at the helm of San Marino TV, and on the confirmation on the Tgr of Alessandro Casarin, who should leave the baton in just over a year to co-director Roberto Packages. Forza Italia wins Raisport with Jacopo Volpi, who will reach retirement age in a year, but should remain in the saddle for a few more months to cover the Paris Olympics scheduled for July and August. Day Time Entertainment goes to Angelo Mellone, appreciated by the Brothers of Italy. The In-depth analysis direction will go to Paolo Corsini, still in Fdi share, while Nicola Rao from Tg2 will move to the Communication direction. On the other hand, Marcello Ciannamea is appreciated by the Lega, who is destined to take over the helm of Prime Time Entertainment, thus leaving the Distribution direction to Stefano Coletta. Maurizio Imbriale arrives at the Digital Contents, while the delegations for the Radio direction, a role occupied by Sergio before his appointment as CEO, should go to the deputy director Flavio Mucciante. The dem will see the confirmation of Mario Orfeo on Tg3 and Andrea Montanari on Radio 3, as well as Maria Pia Ammirati on Fiction, Silvia Calandrelli on Culture, Elena Capparelli on Rai Play and Paolo Del Brocco, who will remain CEO of Rai Cinema.

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