Alessandra Mussolini: “In the EU, register children of all types of families”

Alessandra Mussolini: "In the EU, register children of all types of families"


BRUSSELS. The times when Alessandra Mussolini replied to Vladimir Luxuria “Better fascist than faggot” seem to be gone. It was 2017 and today the Forza Italia MEP seems to have changed his mind, so much so that he stands as a champion of the daughters and sons of the Rainbow Families. And not only. ‘Member States register birth certificates irrespective of how the child was conceived or born and of the type of family he comes from, whether he is a child of a single parent, a de facto couple, a married couple including a child with two parents of the same sex or internationally adopted in a Member State by one or two parents» writes Mussolini in an amendment to the report of the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament on fundamental rights, in his capacity as deputy delegation head of Forza Italia to the Eurochamber.

“The uterus is ours, children must be protected from everything and everyone”
«The uterus of the woman is not of public law it is our organ, private, personal, of our body. The law can only touch the island of the family. We cannot insert ourselves too much into the family nucleus, children must be defended from everything and everyone”, declared the shadow rapporteur of the text on the “situation of fundamental rights in the EU” under discussion in the Civil Liberties Commission (Libe) of European Parliament.

The answer to Meloni: “We are in Europe”
One of the three amendments to the report presented by Mussolini “urges Member States to register birth certificates regardless of how the child was conceived or born and from the type of family it comes from”. Responding to a question on the compatibility of his position on rainbow families with the policies of the government led by Giorgia Meloni, Mussolini declared: “We are in Europe and Europe acts precisely as a spur, as a stimulus”.

“Forza Italia secular, libertarian and guarantor party”
«Since its inception, Forza Italia – added the MEP – has always been a secular, libertarian and guarantor party. Therefore, there may be various components on both sides, but I believe that the defense of minors is sacrosanct. The child, when he is born, is an individual whose rights must be guaranteed. The right of the minor cannot derive from the type of family, this would be unjust and very serious », he highlighted in a press conference at the European Parliament.

“Period poverty” and migrants: the dossier will be voted on after the summer
The dossier under discussion, which will be voted on in the Libe commission after the summer and subsequently in the plenary, includes two other amendments presented by Mussolini in the part of the initial “considerations” of the text. A change in favor of “people who are unable to manage their periods in a dignified and healthy way” invites states to “combat “period poverty”, i.e. the impossibility of being able to guarantee adequate hygiene through special sanitary devices, eliminating the ‘VAT on these products’.

Parents treated like criminals


The latest modification proposed by Mussolini highlights the “multiple cases of migrant deaths caused by those who favor illegal migratory flows within the territories of the Member States” through journeys that expose “the people transported to inhuman and degrading treatment, endangering their safety and their lives.

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