Action-Iv, the truce (fragile). "Unique list for the Europeans"

Action-Iv, the truce (fragile).  "Unique list for the Europeans"

Proceed with the single groups, as per the mandate received from about two and a half million voters in the policies of last September 25, and also continue with the project to present a single list open to all parties and movements that recognize themselves in Macroni's Renew Europe at the 2024 European Championships.

Calenda's reassurances

On the evening of Monday 22 May, in view of the meeting of the Action/Italia Viva group of the Senate scheduled after dinner, it is Carlo Calenda who clears the field and dismisses the prospect of the separation of the parliamentary groups. On the part of Italia Viva, reassurances were requested on the fact that, once the single party project has been skipped, we will at least move forward towards a single list in the European countries (where the barrier of 4% is foreseen): «Otherwise it makes no sense to continue with the unique groups in Parliament".

Certainly the prospect of ending up in the Mixed group together with the Greens-Italian Left must have worried Calenda, given that the senators of the Third Pole are 10 in all and Renzi with the newcomer Enrico Borghi is at 6, just the minimum number to constitute an autonomous group in Palazzo Madama with the new regulation. Just as he must have worried about the fact that Renzi has the best relations with the secretary of Più Europa Riccardi Magi and with the group of European Liberal Democrats put together by MEP Sandro Gozi, the former Pd Andrea Marcucci and the president of the Einaudi Foundation Joseph Benedict.

Action leaves the door open to a common path with Iv

Hence the decision to leave the door open to a common path, as stated in the note issued by Action: «We believe that the parliamentary groups must remain united, this being a precise mandate of the voters of the Third Pole... that they must immediately cease all hostile initiatives and direct and indirect media attacks... that it is necessary to evaluate with all the political formations and associations belonging to the Renew Europe area, starting with Più Europa and the European liberal democrats, the possibility of building a common list for the Europe of 2024". Then the clarification: «The decision will be taken in full autonomy by the bodies of all the parties involved in the time frame necessary for participation in the European elections, taking into consideration the political context and the quality of the relations existing between the various subjects. Only in a climate of renewed confidence will it be possible to make a common political proposal". Calenda therefore wants to leave her hands free, at least a little. «Azione will independently decide one autumn how and with whom to go to the European Championships», he adds shortly after issuing the press release. Renzi, for his part, underlines the "reverse" of his partner-rival: "We need a definitive clarification. Because if now the Action document says to evaluate the single list for the Europeans, it means that they changed their mind in a week. It's better that way. If, net of personal sympathies, we all want to be together, we are here ».

Renzi: "Calenda? If everyone leaves a party, it's right to ask questions"

Fragile truce

In short, for now there is a fragile truce. We'll see. Also because tomorrow on the stage of the Elysée in Rome, the president of Renew Europe Stéphane Séjourné, the MEPs and the secretary of Più Europa Magi will be together with the duelists.

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