yes to the dialogue on the minimum wage, but the left is only now discovering the precariousness -

yes to the dialogue on the minimum wage, but the left is only now discovering the precariousness -

Of Cesare Zapperi

The premier on the Spanish results: «Vox's result was expected. However, the center-right is growing a lot like in Italy»

Talk about Spain because Italy understands, Giorgia Meloni. The premier's first comments on the Spanish elections have a clear repercussion on national events. “I've read a lot of reconstructions. Vox's result was expected in the current context, it was known that it would reduce the number of voters. The fact that emerges is that the centre-right is growing a lot in Spain as in Italy» explains the Prime Minister to the microphones of Rtl 102.5. «Vox holds up to expectations. The (Italian) left makes me smile, which consoles itself" with the results obtained "by the Spanish left". And then she adds: «There is a year left before the elections and it seems to me that today's reconstructions are far-fetched. My goal is to grow the Conservative family and it's happening. But things are decided after the results, not before».

Having launched the jab, Meloni gets to the heart of the open questions. From minimum salary. «The minimum wage is a nice title, it works very well as a slogan, but in its application it risks creating problems. The minimum wage is a nice title, but in its application it risks creating problems: if we imagine a minimum wage of 9 euros, there are national collective agreements that provide for a higher wage and therefore it becomes a downward problem on workers' wages. We need to find a solution for those workers who are not covered by collective agreements, without lowering the wages of others». The prime minister accuses the center-left "of discovering it late". "Those who have governed for 10 years discover the problem of job insecurity and consider it a responsibility of a government that has been in office for nine months" the lunge. Even if you open the door to a confrontation: "It's right to give a signal to the polite opposition".

But tax reform is also on the table: «In the next two weeks we await the general tax reform, which has been awaited for decades, with the aim of intervening in all areas of the system: on the one hand we want to lower taxes and on the other hand we want to build a different relationship of mutual trust between the tax authorities and taxpayers. We will be very strict in terms of the fight against tax evasion, working on trust". The strike announced by the CGIL for October against the budget law "before there is a budget law" will give "finally everyone the opportunity to see how there is an opposition that is not on the merits but is the daughter of a prejudice".

In the release of Patrick Zaki, Meloni explains, changing the subject, «he isn't there there has been no barter» and «with the same spirit we will also continue to seek truth and justice for Giulio Regeni. The strategy used previously was wrong. Our approach has been different: we do not relate with an attitude of superiority or paternalism, but as equals even in the enormous differences. This new approach has led to an opening of Egypt. The controversies do not interest me, they are made about anything. I'm just happy that the case is resolved."

The Prime Minister confirms an old passion of hers: «We want to get there, e We are on the finishing straight, to propose a constitutional reform. I continue to be convinced of the need for a constitutional reform that allows Italians to decide who governs and whoever wins an election must be able to govern for 5 years". Meloni closes with a joke: "Governing five years I consider it a marathon and I hope to have the physique. Even if at this pace I don't know...".

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