Will house prices go down? From Milan to Naples, here’s where to buy and the prices

Will house prices go down?  From Milan to Naples, here's where to buy and the prices


The paradox: fewer sales, but rising prices

Fewer homes are being sold and those who buy are resorting to mortgages less and less. Still, prices, supported by buoyant potential demand, are not declining in nominal terms. In Milan the requests from sellers are 3.6% higher than a year ago, in Bologna they are 6%. For the Capital, he struggles, with +0.1%. This is the photograph of the housing market in Italy in the middle of the year. The drop in sales recorded in the first quarter of 2023 according to the Revenue Agency was 8.3% on an annual basis. But if we move from the national figure to that of the big cities, Milan scored -22.9%, Rome -10.3%, Bologna -23.9%. These data need to be contextualized, because they compare with those of a record first quarter of 2022 and in any case the numbers of 2023 are the second highest in the last decade.

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