will harm the fight against corruption- Corriere.it

will harm the fight against corruption- Corriere.it

Of Giuseppe Alberto Falci

The abolition of the crime divides the Democratic Party. The mayor of Pesaro Ricci: a victory for us

In the aftermath of Sergio Mattarella's go-ahead for the Nordio bill and the centre-right's rejection of the EU anti-corruption directive, the clash over justice continues to divide majority and opposition.

In this context the words of the spokesperson for the Brussels commission who advocates Italy for the abolition of the abuse of office, provided for by the text of the Keeper of the Seals: Q
These proposed changes would decriminalize important forms of corruption and could have an impact on the effective detection and fight against corruption. The latter is a priority for the Commission. A stance that winks at the criticisms coming from the centre-left.

And if Enrico Costa, deputy of Action, asks the president of the Justice commission, Ciro Maschio, an examination of the merits of the EU directive proposal on corruption in commission, the Pd is divided on the abuse of office. It must be corrected, not canceled – theorizes the deputy Virginio Merola -. A victory for the mayors cannot be a choice contrary to the European anti-corruption directives. In reality, the crime primarily concerns magistrates. The mayors involved are in last place.

The mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, is of the opposite opinionanother exponent of the Nazarene: For ten years the mayors have been calling for a radical reform of the abuse of office, and have highlighted to every government the absurdity of this crime, which in 97% of cases ends with dismissal or acquittal. For the administrators, abolition is a victory, now Parliament will have to bridge the contradictions and the regulatory gaps that will open up, but in the meantime a step forward, a victory for those who have been asking for it for years.

Be that as it may, the center-right majority does not intend to stop. The Deputy Minister of Justice Francesco Paolo Sisto believes that there is no reason not to keep the bar straight. After that, he adds, if Parliament were to decide to make changes, this would fall within parliamentary democracy.

On the matter there is also the intervention of Giuseppe Santalucia, president of the ANM: The total repeal of the abuse of office raises many perplexities. Like, moreover, the separation of careers, which, according to Santalucia, would be a step towards being subjected to political control. Furthermore, there is a proliferation of self-governing bodies which are reducing the principle of autonomy of the judiciary.

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