"Why doesn't the Pd recognize the merits of the government?"- Corriere.it

"Why doesn't the Pd recognize the merits of the government?"- Corriere.it

Of Alessandra Arachi

The columnist and former director of «Fatto Quotidiano»: «In the opposition I have seen absurd contortions in order not to thank the opponent

Antonio Padellaro, in «Fatto Quotidiano» you argued for the lack of gratitude for the release of Patrick Zaki. Yesterday, however, the Egyptian researcher publicly thanked the Italian government...
«He also thanked the Italian government and I'm happy that he finally did it decisively. Now I wish they would follow him."

Who should follow him?
«The oppositions. In recent days I have witnessed some absurd contortions ».

«Yes, in order not to recognize the merit of the release of Zaki from the government of Giorgia Meloni. As if acknowledging it were a yielding, a failing of a hard and pure opposition».

Is it against anyone in particular?
"I think of the shyness of the Democratic Party".

«Yes, a way of saying that they didn't want to explain the obvious merit of the government. And then I noticed a certain embarrassment ».

What would the Democratic Party have been embarrassed about?
«The Democratic Party feels that it is the custodian of everything concerning human rights. This time they weren't the ones to protect them. Here's the embarrassment.'

Someone from the Democratic Party said that pardon for Zaki was a duty.
"Precisely. But such an attitude leads nowhere. I am the first to be critical of the Meloni government, but when there is merit it must be recognized. I'm a utopian."

What is your utopia?
«That we can come to recognize the merits of the adversary, that this happens both from the right and from the left. It would be something that would bring voters closer to politics, because it would ennoble the politicians themselves. As happens in sport ».

Do you think it will never be possible?
“Never stop hoping. But today we are very far from this. I would like to tell an anecdote."

"During Lilli Gruber's broadcast on La 7, I told Italo Bocchino that if he had made even a small criticism of the Meloni government, I would have invited him to dinner, with his lady".

You didn't go to dinner together...
“Maybe he didn't feel like sitting at the table with me. However, I have become intolerant of factionalism».

And did the behavior of the Democratic Party on the Zaki case seem partisan to you?
"It seemed to me the attitude of the 'party of the bias'".

Someone said that the pardon for Zaki was exchanged for the truth about Giulio Regeni.
"I do not believe. And instead I think that saying a decisive thank you to the Meloni government would be a way to create a climate of serenity to move forward precisely to obtain the truth about Regeni ».

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