Who is Chiara Colosimo, young column of FdI elected president of the Antimafia

Who is Chiara Colosimo, young column of FdI elected president of the Antimafia

The alleged (and denied) friendship with the former Nar Ciavardini, the political youth in Garbatella and that as a student in Balduina, the Rampellian past and the career of the Melonian inner circle. Portrait of the deputy of the Brothers of Italy elected amidst controversy to the presidency of Palazzo Macuto

“I have no friendship with Ciavardini”the thirty-seven-year-old new president of the Antimafia and loyal Melonian deputy said, alluding to the former black terrorist Luigi, convicted of the Bologna massacre Clare Colosimo, elected with 29 votes and with the final compactness of the government forces, while M5s, Pd and the Green-Left Alliance migrated to the Aventine Hill and while the reunited Renzi-Calenda pole voted for Dafne Musolino. "We do not participate in the vote in dissent with the decision of the majority", was the concept for a large part of the opposition, after a report by "Reports” had highlighted the alleged knowledge of Colosimo-Ciavardini, which had raised the relatives of the victims of the mafia and terrorism (but there are those who, according to the images received by the program, and taken in 2015 during a fundraising initiative for prisoners of Rebibbia, has advanced suspicions of internal enmity, as if it had been someone from FdI who had disseminated the photos).

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