Voting in the cities: ballots from Ancona to Vicenza, first round in Sicily

Voting in the cities: ballots from Ancona to Vicenza, first round in Sicily

Voting takes place in the second round in 41 municipalities, including Brindisi, Massa, Pisa, Siena and Terni. Even 128 Sicilian cities are called to renew their administrations. Among these Catania, where Prime Minister Meloni has decided to close the electoral campaign against the wide field of Pd and M5s

On Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May, many cities in Italy voted for the second round of local elections. The most important ballots are those in the capitals: Ancona, above all, and then Brindisi, Massa, Pisa, Siena, Vicenza and Terni. Overall, polls are open for the second round in 41 cities.

It will also be an electoral weekend for Sicily, but in this case for the first round. Among the 128 municipalities involved, also four provincial capitals: Catania, Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani.

Two weeks ago, it was the center-right that asserted itself, albeit without winning big. In particular, between the provincial capitals it ended 4-2: the government coalition snatched Latina from the center-left and also won in Imperia, Treviso and Sondrio. The dems instead got Brescia and Teramo (with the M5s).


It is the only regional capital called to renew the administration (the outgoing mayor is Valeria Mancinelli, elected by the centre-left). The ballot will be played between the center-right candidate Daniel Silvetti, which recorded 45.11 per cent in the first round, and the center-left team (which includes Pd, Action and Italia viva) led by Ida Simonella: 41.28 percent the result of two Sundays ago.

No indication of an official vote has come from the alignments, and from the candidates, excluded from the second round: these are the civic leaders Francesco Rubini, who had obtained 6.11 percent, Marco Battino (2.18 percent) and the M5s candidate Enrico Sparapani (3.64 percent).

Closing the electoral campaign together with Ida Simonella was the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schleinwhile the Minister of Sport Andrea Abodi presented himself in support of Daniele Silvetti.


The dispute in Puglia will concern Giuseppe Marchionna from the centre-right (44 per cent in the first round) e Roberto Fusco (33.32 percent), an expression of the M5s - with Giuseppe Conte who showed up in the city - and also supported by the Democratic Party, in a local re-edition of the former wide field.

There were no official appearances for the ballot, but the vote of those who in the first round had chosen the civic Paquale Luperti (12.54 percent) or the outgoing environmentalist mayor Riccardo Rossi (10.14 percent, thanks to a civic list and to the Italian Left - Verdi).


The challenge will be between Francesco Persiani, representative of a center-right that did without FdI in the first round (which Marco Guidi supported, stopped just below 20 percent). For Persians, 35.42 percent of the votes. Against him Romulus Enzo Ricci, a whisker from 30 percent, with a center-left without pentastellati (still in the first round with just over 5 percent with Daniela Bennati, candidate together with Unione Popolare). Nothing apparently not even here, but it is clear that a lot will depend on the choice of who voted for Guidi two weeks ago.


The situation in the Pisan municipality is somewhat different. Here too the city was led by the centre-right, whose candidate is the outgoing mayor Michael Conti came close to success in the first round. He took 49.96 percent, just a handful of votes away from election. Paolo Martinelli is chasing him, for the center-left, which starts from his 41.12 percent and is supported by an alliance which in this case sees Grillini and Pd together. Francesco Auletta, who collected 6.73 percent with the "Diritti in comune" coalition, has not formalized any affiliation with those who had access to the ballot. While Third Pole candidate Rita Marotti (in the first round she collected 1.34 percent of the votes) expressed a preference for the centre-left candidate.


In the city of the Palio, which is currently led by the center-right, they will see it Fabio Nicoletti and Anna Ferretti. The first, supported by Lega, FI and FdI, is ahead with 30.51 percent in the first round, while the progressive candidate is at 28.7 percent (without M5s). No official appearance from the other candidates in the running on May 14-15: Fabio Pacciani who received 22.65 per cent, Massimo Castagnini with 7.19 per cent and Emanuele Montomoli with 6.79 per cent, while Daniela Boldrini of the M5s obtained just .159 percent. The game is open.


The ballot will be about Orlando Masselli (Lega, FI, FdI and civic lists) which starts from 35.81 per cent and Stefano Bandecchi of Alternativa Popolare (he is also the president of Ternana, the local football team), which recorded 28.14 per cent and hopes to overturn the result, breaking through in the center.

No voting indications have arrived in the Umbrian municipality from the other candidates in the running two weeks ago, whose votes will however be decisive. The candidate Pd Jose Maria Kenny had in fact obtained 21.94 percent while Claudio Fiorelli (M5s with two other lists) 10.82 percent.


The playoff in Veneto will be between Francis Ruccooutgoing mayor aligned with the centre-right, who had registered 44.06 per cent in the first round, and Giacomo Possamai of the Pd, stuck at 46.23 per cent.

Among the other candidates in the first round, the civic Cicero gave his official support to Rucco, bringing the 2.57 percent of 15 days ago. While Possamai has not received official endorsements. He could support Lucio Zoppello (2.49 percent in the first round with a civic list). Likewise, the dem candidate hopes to cash in on the support Of Edoardo Bortolotto, candidate of the 5 Star Movement (1.7 percent). Stefano Crescioli, another citizen, (2.14 percent in the first round) gave no indications.

In Sicily we vote for the first round

Even in Sicily it will be a Sunday with open polls for over 1.3 million citizens and 128 municipalities. Among these there are four provincial capitals: Catania, Ragusa, Syracuse and Trapani.

The most important match is played in Catania: Meloni, Salvini and Tajani have decided to end the electoral campaign here in support of the candidate Henry Trantino. But in these parts Giuseppe Conte and Alessandro Zan also showed up to support Maurice Caserta, expression of a wide field that includes the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement and the Green-Left Alliance.

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