Vote on gestation for others. The «long night» of the

Vote on gestation for others.  The «long night» of the

Postponed to July 25th. Split oppositions on +Europe's proposal for the free form

Surrogacy compacts the majority and divides the opposition. While the center-right pulls straight towards the vote that will make gestation for others (gpa) a universal crime, an amendment by +Europe splits minority parties internally. In Italy the gpa is prohibited by law 40 of 2004, but the FdI proposal wants to make it prosecutable even if done abroad. Yesterday in the Chamber the preliminary rulings on constitutionality were rejected, while the vote on amendments and merits was postponed to 25 July.

We proceed quickly towards approval, says the first signatory Carolina Varchi. In support of the government, the EU Commission lets it be known that the states of the European Union are free to prohibit or not surrogate motherhood. On Monday evening, the issue kept about 70 parliamentarians and members of the dem management attached to the PC in a long and painful call.
At the center is not so much the FdI proposal, on which there is an agreement to vote no, as much as an amendment by Riccardo Magi
who would like to give the green light to the surrogate in solidarity form.
In short, free. But this practice does not exist – explains the dem Stefano Lepri – and Vendola himself explained it to us a few months ago, telling how he had "reimbursed" his pregnant woman for a year of non-work. Not a refund, but an economic consideration.

Compared to the Magi proposal, therefore, Lepri would have expected a negative vote. Above all, the decision that Braga communicated to us left us (me and the majority) stunned in the light of Schlein's promise

not to change the law 40.

At the end of the meeting, the parent company in the Chamber announced that the Democratic Party would abstain on the amendment. But the choice continued to bounce off the chats during the night and was the protagonist of a heated discussion between the PD deputies in the morning. This is why, yesterday, the change of course: the Democratic Party will not participate in the vote.

Magi presented a bill in the form of an amendment, an unacceptable legislative method. The Democratic Party does not chase flags, says the Democratic Party deputy Federico Fornaro. One way to maintain unity. Still on supportive maternity, Avs will give freedom to vote: if you are in favor (A law that puts rules on gestation for others would be much more urgent than one that prevents it, says the deputy Marco Grimaldi), among the Greens there are those who are against .

And so also in the Third Pole and in the M5S, where the former mayor spoke yesterday Virginia Raggi: an aberrant practice that commodifies women's bodies. The vote against the proposal to make the gpa a universal crime will unite the minorities, but with the exclusion (again) of Iv: the former premier Matteo Renzi has in fact given his freedom to vote.

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