Von der Leyen arrives in Emilia-Romagna, while the government takes time on Bonaccini commissioner

Von der Leyen arrives in Emilia-Romagna, while the government takes time on Bonaccini commissioner

The president of the Commission will fly over the flooded areas accompanied by Meloni. Meanwhile, the frictions between FdI and Lega remain on the reconstruction. The Bignami hypothesis is that of a technical figure. But Toti, Occhiuto, Zaia and Fedriga are pushing for the president of the ER

The two billion allocated by the Council of Ministers, he says Stefano Bonaccini, they represent "an important first step, a concrete signal to immediately give an answer to those who have been hit and in some cases have lost everything". But they cannot be considered a point of arrival. Because the emergency situation in Emilia Romagna has not yet been overcome. And then there is an all-political knot on the appointment of the Commissioner for Reconstruction, with respect to which the government parties do not seem to show the same unity they demonstrated with Tuesday's decree, while the governors of the centre-right regions with various nuances, they push for the role to be entrusted to Bonaccini. He will understand more and better in the next few hours. A visit from is expected in the flooded region Ursula von der Leyen:. The president of the European Commission wanted to show the closeness of the EU, she will be accompanied by Bonaccini and the premier Giorgia Meloni: together they should fly over the areas affected by bad weather before holding a press point.

In the meantime, work continues on the territory, the red alert persists. The Fire Brigade - explains a note - have carried out around 7,500 interventions in recent days, and others will be necessary in the coming days. New disturbances are expected over the weekend, albeit of a minor nature and the health risk linked to potentially contaminated water remains to be monitored, "The situation is under control", Health Minister Orazio Schillaci assured yesterday evening, however recommending "to follow the indications and adopt the behaviors suggested by the Department of Public Health".

And it is in this context that the political game on reconstruction is being played out. An appointment that seemed to be destined for Bonaccini, but which got stuck, at least for the moment, in the internal frictions of the majority: in particular those between the Brothers of Italy and the League. It should be remembered that the president of Emilia-Romagna has already been designated emergency commissioner, to deal with the wave of bad weather that hit the region in early May. In this capacity he will direct the resources already allocated by the government. It is the management of the next phase that agitates the parties. "Generally, a regional president is appointed as commissioner"Bonaccini himself said in an interview with La Stampa, proposing as a model "the one for post-earthquake reconstruction in 2012. We have rebuilt Emilia, we will do the same with Romagna, and we will do it together, as we are used to doing in this Earth".

For Bonaccini, who is in his last mandate as governor, the appointment would represent further recognition of his ability as an administrator, of the competence demonstrated in the past. A role to be played also in perspective, on other fronts. Meanwhile, the president has received the more or less decisive support of his counterparts. John Toti, for example, did not mince words: "He must be the commissioner, otherwise it goes against the popular will", is the position of the president of Liguria. Superimposable with the one that comes from Calabria, from Roberto Occhiuto: "The most logical thing is for Bonaccini to take care of it", he tells Repubblica. Even the Venetian Luca Zaia expressed roughly the same concept - "The nomination is not up to me, but historically it's up to the president - as well as Massimiliano Fedrigaaccording to which "it is good that the governor has a prominent role".

Positions that all come from regions administered by the center-right, in an attempt not to create a precedent that risks going back like a boomerang. But also - perhaps above all - to give an indication of merit to the government, which has however taken its time for the moment. On Bonaccini, it was the League in particular that got in the way. except for the official denial. Another name at stake is that of the Bolognese Galeazzo Bignami, of the Brothers of Italy, who is also Undersecretary of Transport: a possible appointment which to some extent could turn into a springboard towards the next regional ones in Emilia. Even this type of choice, however, does not meet the enthusiasm (euphemism) of the Carroccio. For this reason, the hypothesis of an area technician has taken the field, in short, a mediation that could satisfy everyone, avoiding new discussions between the Lega and FdI, after the recent ones on Autonomy. A clearer picture could come from this afternoon's CDM, even if as Nello Musumeci, minister for civil protection, recalled, "the issue is not on the agenda".

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