Vittoria Assicurazioni renews its sponsorship of the Rugby Federation to 2026

Vittoria Assicurazioni renews its sponsorship of the Rugby Federation to 2026


(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – The sponsorship agreement between Vittoria Assicurazioni and the Italian Rugby Federation has been renewed to 2026, one year in advance. The insurance company, which signed a contract on August 1, 2024 last year, has decided to renew its partnership with the Fir, of which it is the shirt sponsor, as of now until July 31, 2026. “Certainly Vittoria Assicurazioni will do everything to break the 12-year record of sponsoring the Fir shirt held by a bank to date,” he said. Cesare Caldarelli, managing director of Vittoria Assicurazioni. “We are loyal partners. We have over ten-year partnerships with the Armed Forces and Police Forces and the Italian Touring Club, we hope to have the same path with the Italian Rugby Federation as well », he added, not providing details on the economic nature of the contract.

Investments in social initiatives are also planned

«On the economic side, the insurance companies have never been generous but we are talking about a figure that we can afford and that Fir needs to move forward», he added, explaining that «in addition to the sponsorship of the shirt, in the coming years we have already planned investments in the social sector, which we care a lot about». In the sports arena, in the future of Vittoria Assicurazioni there is only rugby. The company has no plans to make similar deals with other sports. “We do not do sponsorships of this kind. Usually this type of initiative is made with a commercial logic. This was never our intent. We have always invested heavily in local pairings, to give visibility to agents. But this is a national investment. The only other we have done of this type has been with the Butterflies of rhythmic gymnastics, we have been by their side for 5 years because they needed support», explained Caldarelli, adding that «rugby is the second exception we make to the rule. It will remain an exception. We have no intention of expanding to other sports.

Caldarelli: “Alongside Fir for as long as necessary”

The oval ball will therefore remain unique in the world of Vittoria Assicurazioni which beat other potential interested parties in the agreement with the Fir: «We are honored more than happy to be able to renew this agreement. We know that other partners in the insurance world aimed at rugby but we are happy that you chose us», continued Caldarelli, addressing the president of the Italian rugby federation, Marzio Innocenti. «We will be by your side as long as necessary, whether results arrive immediately or – as happens in sport – sometimes they are late, sometimes there are periods in which a lot is sown», he continued, explaining that «the choice of Vittoria Assicurazioni testifies to the solidity of the relationship that has been established.

Innocenti: «Vittoria, a wonderful name to have on your shirts»

Indeed, the relationship between the Company and Fir is based primarily on the sharing of a valuable system of values ​​and on the desire to pursue a common project of social sustainability». «Vittoria Assicurazioni has been close to us in difficult moments and now things are certainly better», commented the president Fir Marzio Innocenti, adding that “Vittoria is a wonderful name to have on the shirts”. «Together with Vittoria Assicurazioni we experienced some moments in the season that has just ended that none of us will forget. Exhilarating days, which we are proud to have shared with Vittoria Assicurazioni: the Guinness Six Nations, the performance of a men’s national team that has finally confirmed that it is finally competitive in all five matches of the tournament, made us tremble together, and gave us a strong perspective for the future”, continued Innocenti, with the national team preparing to participate in the World Cup in France between September and October 2023.

Collaboration also open to other partners

«The partnership with a strong sporting reality bearer of noble values, the expansion of the brand’s visibility and notoriety and the launch of not only advertising but also social activities such as the Vittoria For Women Tour – a traveling summer trip for women’s cancer prevention in the setting of the Italian Beach Rugby Trophy – were a great opportunity for the company to increase the spirit of belonging of its Community. And now we can’t wait to find out what the future holds. We want to reach new goals and extend the benefits of this collaboration to other partners as well», concluded Matteo Campaner, General Manager of Vittoria Assicurazioni.


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