Unesco and Prada together for the salvation of the Oceans

Unesco and Prada together for the salvation of the Oceans


A blue thread unites Venice with Paris, the children of the lagoon and the delegates of Unesco: the need to take care of the health of the ocean. A thread between those who hold the future of the earth, the children, and those who are already called by the United Nations to build a better world through education, science and culture. In front of the representatives of the countries with all the colors of the whole Earth, June 28th was Italy’s morning. Unesco (The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) has in fact invited to speak in the great palace of Paris, Lorenzo Bertelli Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Prada Group.

A bond between the luxury brand and the United Nations agency that began in 2019 in the name of the Sea Beyond educational program in support of the protection of the ocean and the sea, but which is now being strengthened with a new agreement. In fact, thanks to new funding supported by the Prada Group, a permanent Office for the coordination of the Decade of the Sea will be opened in Venice, from which a series of projects and studies will start. Venice, therefore, will become the world capital of ocean education.

“It will be an open platform capable of welcoming projects envisaged by third parties as long as they are focused on the conservation of the sea” explained Lorenzo Bertelli “the need to take care of the health of our planet is, I think, clear to everyone: people, governments, companies. Or at least that’s how it should be.” Next to Bertelli, Vladimir Ryabinin deputy director general of IOC Unesco and Liborio Stellino, Italian ambassador to Unesco e Maya Gabeira Big Wave World Champion and Unesco Ambassador for Youth and the Ocean.

Prada’s commitment

Prada has announced that funding for this new deal will come from 1 percent of sales of Re-Nylon collections, entirely made with regenerated nylon obtained from plastic recovered in the oceans. Money intended for Sea Beyond platform projects that will be approved by UNESCO. A research path behind the collection. “It took years to achieve the same quality as the original and was sustainable: to produce the yarn and fabric of the Re-Nylon collections they come from fishing nets, many of which are abandoned everywhere in the oceans”, explained Bertelli who announced that the luxury brand Panerai will also join the project.


Venice and the kindergarten of the lagoon, children discover sustainability with Unesco

by our correspondent Fiammetta Cupellaro

Venice, the ocean capital of the world

The images of the children who discover the lagoon on the island of Torcello in Venice thanks to the Sea-Beyond educational program were projected in the Unesco general room. “The lagoon asylum is a wonderful project, we hope that other entrepreneurs in our respective countries repeat the experience made in Italy”, commented the representative of Bangladesh. So also the comments from the Chilean and Icelandic exponent, also launching a sort of appeal to the entrepreneurs of their countries who invest in the education of the younger generations to protect the ocean. “What is happening in Venice remains a model that we hope to bring to other cities. And this is precisely one of the points of the new program of interventions that we have signed with the new agreement with Prada”, explained Professor Francesca Santoro senior program officer Ioc-Unesco. Not only that. The first World Conference on Ocean Literacy will also be organized in Venice in 2024 in collaboration with the Barcelona Sea Decade Conference and in preparation for the third United Nations Ocean Conference, to be held in France in 2025. Also in collaboration with the Prada Group.

The objectives of the Coordination Office

With the increase in resources, Sea Beyond, in addition to educational activities, will give support to scientific research and the development of humanitarian projects related to the protection of the sea. The main objectives of the Coordination Office of the Decade of the Sea in Venice will be to propose and organize awareness activities aimed at young people, for the protection of the ocean, The launch of the third edition of activities dedicated to students of secondary schools around the world and the preparation of a ocean education curriculum by all Unesco member states. Also planned is the organization of events and the creation of ocean education networks (Blue schools, Blue cities) as well as collaboration with governments, research centres, NGOs, the private sector and civil society in general.


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