Tourism, turnover of 6.9 billion for the June 2 long weekend

Tourism, turnover of 6.9 billion for the June 2 long weekend

Almost a quarter of Italians will leave for the bridge on 2 June. These are almost 15.2 million people who, between stays, excursions and trips out of town, will generate a turnover of 6.9 billion, while the average stay will be 3.1 days with a per capita expenditure of 454 EUR. Almost all, 94%, will remain in Italy opting either for the coastal resorts or for those close to home. These are Federalberghi's forecasts, created by Acs Marketing solutions, in view of the weekend for the Republic Day.

«There is a recovery - says Bernabò Bocca, president of Federalberghi -. People want to move and plan their vacation well in advance to do so. The last minute is no longer so fashionable: we want to guarantee the best, perhaps by staying in our own country, facing an occasion such as the June 2 long weekend, considering that this year the calendar drops the holiday on Friday ».

Marine locations

In the light of the data collected, Federalberghi predicts that the seaside resorts will be taken by storm, without forgetting that 26% who will choose the cities of art and almost 13% who will opt for the mountains. Others will spend the days of the bridge at the lakes or at the spas. The choice of accommodation rewards, in 28% of cases, the home of relatives or friends, hotels are chosen by almost a quarter of tourists, bed & breakfasts by 22%. In one out of eight cases, the occasion is to prepare the second family home, while the residences receive 4% of the guests.

The average budget is 454 euros per person, which becomes 425 euros for those who will stay in Italy. The car remains the preferred means of transport, chosen by 3 out of 4 holidaymakers. The plane will be used by 10.4% of holidaymakers and largely beats the train. Choices dictated by convenience and speed to reach the destination. Those who have decided to go abroad have allocated almost 920 euros. This is the share of about 252,000 compatriots who will fly abroad especially to European capitals and other short- and medium-range marine destinations.

Inflation and price increases

The choices for the bridge are conditioned by inflation and price increases. In fact, the 6.9 billion could have been more. Almost half of the tourists decided to cut the budget for the upcoming bridge precisely because of the price increases. The largest expenditure item is linked to catering, which absorbs 30% of the expected expenditure. Followed by expenses for travel (20%), accommodation (28%) to finish with shopping at 9%. Those who will stay at home will do so mainly due to economic difficulties (45%), another 18.4% for family reasons while 10.6% will stay at home for health reasons.

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