Today Meloni in Brussels, challenge the EU on rates and Mes. «Now answers on migrants»

Today Meloni in Brussels, challenge the EU on rates and Mes.  «Now answers on migrants»


Fears for the recession and for the increase in landings, more than tripled compared to last year; economy and migration: here are the coordinates to read the speech made yesterday in Parliament by Giorgia Meloni in view of the European Council that opens today in Brussels which will also focus on the developments of the war in Ukraine, European defense and the measures to support of the industrial system. First in the Chamber and then in the Senate, the premier touched all the points on the agenda of the summit. Indeed, she too has gone beyond her, as when she attacked the ECB for the rate increase announced by Christine Lagarde or she returned to claim the postponement of the non-ratification of the Mes.

Meloni: Mes must be included in the negotiation on new governance

“It should be included in the overall negotiation on the new European governance”, said the prime minister who spoke of a “package approach”. It means that Italy intends to play there chips of the ratification of the Save States in the match that is underway on the new Stability Pact and on the banking union.

Towards the suspension of ratification in Parliament

Tomorrow in the Chamber, the group leader confirmed yesterday, the general discussion on the ESM ratification bill will begin, after which the majority parties will ask for the suspension, citing precisely what the premier claimed: «I want to defend the Italian national interest as best as possible and, I say this to the entire Parliament, discussing this measure now is not in Italy’s interest”. It is not yet clear what the term of this suspension will be, but it is probable – majority sources explain – that the Mes will return to Parliament not before the end of the year. The decision will be made official next week.

Gentiloni: respect the deadlines of the Pnrr

Meanwhile, from Brussels, the Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni issues a warning: “Discussing the future evolution of the Mes does not exclude the importance of ratifying what is already there”. The former prime minister also returned to the need to respect the deadlines of the Pnrr, triggering Meloni’s reaction: “He says that we need to run more but if he had been more vigilant in the past perhaps it would have been done faster”.

Meloni, attack on the ECB: no to the mere increase in interest rates

Then the lunge against the ECB. It’s okay to fight inflation, but the “simplistic” choice to raise rates risks that “the cure will prove to be more harmful than the disease”. The reference to the recession is clear which – as Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti recalled – “has already arrived in Germany”. To those who accuse her of questioning the independence of the central bank, the prime minister replies in her reply: “I defend independence but also my right to evaluate its decisions.”


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