The TV series spoiler system (with many secrets, even useless ones)

The TV series spoiler system (with many secrets, even useless ones)

Thank you for kindly providing the links to watch movies and series in advance. The series above all, because asking for the links of certain films seems to go back to the times of the Lumière brothers. “There isn't,” is the reply. But as it doesn't exist, we are in 2023. In a while the cinema will be replaced by two electrodes applied to the temples, as Alfred Hitchcock foresaw: films are used to arouse emotions, with technical advances one could directly transmit the shivers of fear, goodbye to directors, screenwriters and actors. Worse still is the reply, delivered with contempt undertones in the voice: "You know, it's a movie that should be seen on the big screen." But really? What if I watch it at home on a TV the size of a swimming pool? Then the news links arrive, those of the series without having to ask for them. Now accompanied by a long list of "do not reveals", i.e. the details that cannot be revealed. Or they can't be revealed before a certain episode, which will be aired on a certain date. Even “And Just Like That… 2” – second season of the series with the ladies “Sex and The City”, soon on Sky and streaming on Now – is accompanied by a long list of “plot points” to keep secret. “So as not to spoil the experience for the viewer”.

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