The Selex Group budget towards 19.3 billion in revenues in 2023

The Selex Group budget towards 19.3 billion in revenues in 2023

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In 2022 a turnover of 18.2 billion was reached (+7.7%). Double-digit growth for private label, cash & carry and e-commerce offerings

by Enrico Netti

Despite the drop in consumption, the accounts of Selex Gruppo Commerciale, the second group of modern distribution in Italy, are growing. 2022 sees sales turnover reach 18.2 billion euros (+7.7% compared to 2021) and for this year the budget is 19.3 billion. These are the numbers presented at the shareholders' meeting which was attended by the 18 companies of the active Group with 3,266 points of sale and more than 41,000 employees. Among the best-known brands are Famila, A&O and C+C as well as regional brands. As regards the first months of 2023, revenues from January to May recorded a +13.7%. «A decidedly positive balance sheet in an extremely complex year. An unexpected result, the result of the ability to create a system and the synergistic work of all the companies in the Group - explains Alessandro Revello, president of Selex Gruppo Commerciale -. The primary objective, shared by all shareholders, was to reassure our customers by actively committing ourselves to containing price increases and countering the inflationary push by attenuating its impact on household purchasing power. As a Group we are particularly attentive to these issues and are at the forefront in raising awareness of the entire supply chain and the institutions in this regard". The offer with the distributor's brand (Mdd) contributes to the result with over 7,500 references which has achieved a +18.5% with peaks in the specialist and first price lines. «In a scenario of declining consumption, the companies of the Group continue to invest to contain inflation, modernize the sales network and innovate assortments and services - underlines Maniele Tasca, general manager of Selex Gruppo Commerciale -. An important commitment that confirms the determination of Selex entrepreneurs to improve themselves and improve the shopping experience for customers and the accessibility of products and services for everyone". Brilliant performances marked by the cash & carry channel which, thanks to the recovery in consumption away from home, scores +22% while e-commerce sees +17.9%. The Group is a partner of the Esd Italia purchasing center and the Emd international purchasing center, partnerships destined to strengthen over the course of the year.

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