The ridiculous attempts to define the violence of left-wing Milan as “fascist”.

The ridiculous attempts to define the violence of left-wing Milan as “fascist”.

The truncheon somersault. The intolerable case of violence by the local police is not a problem for Meloni or the right, it is a problem for whoever governs the Lombard capital. Which for twelve years has been led by left-wing mayors who have made inclusion their flag

Immediately after the diffusion of the unfortunate video beating in Milan of a person (Brazilian woman, a trans: otherwise the correctors suspect homophobia) by agents of the local police, an astonishing phenomenon has begun. Carlo Verdelli was among the first to evoke a "baton" mentality, which he obviously would call into question the right; but yesterday the attempt to label the beating of Milan as "fascist" was pervasive to the point of ridicule. We will mention among the many a down-at-heel novelist, after all the pen of Fatto, who managed to tweet: "We don't have time to build the fake narrative of 'fascism of the anti-fascists', that the Milan police remind us of the fascism of the fascists" . It doesn't matter that the Milan police have depended on left-wing administrations for years. But the factual truth, placed on his legs, is different.

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