"The minimum wage is welfarism": storm on Musumeci's words. Schlein: "The exploiters come first for the right"

"The minimum wage is welfarism": storm on Musumeci's words.  Schlein: "The exploiters come first for the right"

The words of Nello Musumeci on the minimum wage. "According to Schlein is it also a response to the mafia? I think the answer is work. Enough of this welfarism", said the minister speaking from Palermo on the sidelines of an initiative on the mafia organized by the Brothers of Italy. The oppositions arise: Pd and M5S above all. Elly Schlein – called into question directly by the government official - he replies as follows: "I don't know in which country Musumeci lives, in ours there are three and a half million poor workers. They have obviously gone from 'Italians first' to 'exploiters first'".

The dem leader speaks from the Nazarene: “I would like them to re-read the Constitution and article 36 because work and the poor cannot be kept together in the same sentence. This is what a right wing obviously wants to do which thinks that work is a favor while we are convinced that work is a right in a republic founded on work”. For Schlein "when the right makes these statements it proves to be in difficulty and to climb glass without having arguments". The statements of other leading dem exponents follow closely. According to the group leader in the Senate Francesco Boccia "Considering the minimum wage as welfare means not wanting to guarantee workers a right enshrined in the Constitution". Alexander Zan speaks of "insults" aimed at "millions of poor workers", while Marco Furfaro urges the center-right to approve the opposition: "If you love Italy, let's approve the minimum wage".

Even in the 5-star house there is a certain irritation. “Words at random”, she attacks Joseph Conte. "Giorgia Meloni's ministers don't even know that those who ask for the minimum wage work from morning to night: they don't ask to be assisted, but simply expect to be paid the right amount, not 3 or 4 euros an hour". And again: "The forces of this majority have other ideas on the country's rights and emergencies: annuities for former senators, going around with 5 thousand euros in cash in your pocket". The group leader in the Chamber also speaks of annuities Francesco Silvestriaccording to which Musumeci's words "do not only denote a lack of knowledge of the subject and therefore a completely improper use of the vocabulary, but are nothing short of ridiculous taking into account that thanks to the center-right, annuities have been reintroduced for those who have worked even just one year in Parliament".

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