The League rises in the polls. Salvini likes the "courteous saboteur"

The League rises in the polls.  Salvini likes the "courteous saboteur"

The Northern League at 10.1 percent: it grows by 0.3 in preferences and chases Meloni's party (27.2 percent), which drops by 0.2. Two out of three Northern League voters agree with the institution of the minimum wage

The Euromedia Research survey, conducted by Alessandra Ghisleri and published today in La Stampa, shows slight changes in the electorate of the largest parties: -0.2 percent for the Brothers of Italy and +0.2 percent for the Democratic Party, which regains 21 percent. The League regains strength, growing by 0.3 percent and reaching 10.1 percent. It will be that the elector likes Salvini "courteous saboteur", as we defined him on the Foglio. In fact, the head of the Carroccio is no longer that of the "mythological times of the first Conte government, when he was in a costume and a cocktail in the hands of Papeete", wrote Salvatore Merlo a week ago. He now he "wears the tie". Well, maybe it works.

Meanwhile, the 5-star Movement, slightly rising, gains 0.2 percent. Ditto for Forza Italia, which shows a barely perceptible plus 0.1 percent. Small loss for Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra (minus 0.2 percent). In the Third Pole, Action fell by 0.1 per cent and Italia viva rose by the same amount, which would thus reach 4 per cent. For Italy with Comparison it drops by 0.3 percent.

Compared to the survey on minimum salary on the other hand, the proposal for a possible institution of the measure receives a high consensus from the Italian electorate, the age groups from 18 to 64 in fact register a high percentage of approval, not falling below 70 percent. A little surprise concerns the Carroccio, whose voters share the institution of the minimum wage with 71.8 per cent. Approval higher only among left-wing voters, with those of the Democratic Party in favor of 88.2 percent and those of the Movimento 5 stelle 90.5 percent. Brothers of Italy and the Third Pole parties are the only ones that do not reach 60 percent (57.6 percent and 54.7 percent respectively). The last interesting note is the one on the effective understanding of the proposed measure: 44.2 percent of citizens do not know that when we talk about the minimum wage we are referring to the gross hourly wage and not the net one.

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