The incipit of Laurent Mauvignier and childless Italy in the newsletter of «la Lettura» –

The incipit of Laurent Mauvignier and childless Italy in the newsletter of «la Lettura» -


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Friday 23 June via email, the weekly diary of the supplement with the incipit of the French writer and the text of the statistician Roberto Volpi

Quickly correct some structural errors (for example in the school system) and implement a new demographic policy, otherwise Italy will be doomed to decline. To sound the alarm, on the new issue of la Lettura, #604 on Saturday 24 June in preview on the App and on Sunday 25 on the newsstand, the statistician Roberto Volpi. Which, among the measures to be taken immediately to reverse the trend, also offers a sort of childbirth income for those with a second child: Volpi himself anticipates his proposal arriving on Friday 23 June via email (to App subscribers and those sign up here).

In addition, the incipit of the thriller by the French writer Laurent Mauvignier is available in the newsletter of Friday 23rd The birthday party, translated by Yasmina Mlaouah, published by Feltrinelli on Tuesday 27 June. Like every week, the newsletter also offers the recommendations on what to read, watch and listen to in the next seven days. Furthermore, readers will find the Theme of the Day in the App: the digital-only daily extra: on Friday 23rd, Helmut Failoni signs it, retracing the story of a masterpiece by Richard Wagner, the Tristan and Isolt.

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