the idea for the Europeans. But this is how the case opens

the idea for the Europeans.  But this is how the case opens

Elly Schlein grappling with the composition of the lists: Marta Bonafoni has already made it known in Lazio that the head of the list belongs to her. But the Roman dem focus on Paolo Gentiloni

Elly Schlein's path is not dotted with only Italian grain. Even the European problems put the secretary of the Democratic Party in difficulty. And we are not just talking about yesterday's meeting with the parliamentarians dem of Strasbourg in which it was necessary to decide how to vote on the law in support of the ammunition production that the EU also wants to launch to provide a further support in Kiev.

In that remote meeting, not incidentally, nothing was established. Schlein who had sent forward the party's foreign affairs manager Pepe Provenzano to suggest an abstention, he did not express a position in the meeting. Also because the PSE will vote whether to go against the socialist brothers for the Democratic Party, in order to run after Giuseppe Conte, is not easy at all. Moreover, the day before the secretary had spoken on the subject both with Lorenzo Guerini that with Enrico Letta. They had both explained to her (not resentfully, but almost) that you can't not vote yes.

For Benifei (reconfirmed group leader), Laureti, Smeriglio, Bartolo, Covassi and Pisapia did not dislike the idea ofabstention or leaving the classroom. Eventually the majority of the group will vote on whether a piece of the doubters (starting with Benifei) should also align. In fact, separating one's fate from that of the European socialists one year after the elections would be very complicated.

In the meantime, to save their conscience, the MEPs dem in odor di pacifism they drafted a amendment in which written clearly and roundly that not a penny of the Pnrr end up in the production of ammunition. It is a pity that Defense Minister Guido Crosetto has already ensured that there'Italy has no intention some of uuse those funds for armaments.

But Schlein's greatest worry is not the Eurogroup (even if it undoubtedly represents a problem, so much so that the secretary did not want to give any voting indication). To procure apprehension to the leader and to her the composition of the lists for the Europeansthat is, for the very large number of Champions League on which Schlein stakes all his cards. The leader has announced that the leaders will be women. But in the central constituency the Roman dem aim at Paul Gentiloni. And not putting a commissioner, moreover with such an important role, in first place would be very curious. For Martha Bonafoni, secretary coordinatortook the announcement of its leader very seriously and therefore has already made it known in Lazio that the head of the list belongs to her.

To help you in the business, Bonafoni is creating his own currentwho gathered ballots on Sunday (which ended very badly in his region) causing the discontent of more than one Lazio dem. Renzithe hint is understood, he already has offered to Gentiloni the place of leaders of the third pole. It is obvious that the European Commissioner for the Economy will not accept that proposal. But it is equally obvious that for Schlein it will be a problem to give up such an important candidacy in order to favor Bonafoni. And putting Gentiloni behind his secretariat coordinator would be at the very least a disgrace.

But Schlein's problems don't end there. There is also Bonaccini who ready to run for the Europeans. It is for this reason that the center-right (and a part of his party) does not want him as commissioner for the reconstruction of Emilia-Romagna. The governor aims to chair the group of socialists and democrats in Strasbourg. And Schlein will have to decide whether to sponsor one female candidacydispleasing the president of the Democratic Party, or whether to support Bonaccini, thus strengthening his area, not always benign with the secretary.

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