the hypothesis of the Ministry of Labour-

the hypothesis of the Ministry of Labour-


Return to emergency smart working to face the heat emergency. The Ministry of Labor is reportedly evaluating the use, where necessary, of remote working to avoid the displacement and exposure to high temperatures of millions of workers. The proposal of the Minister of Labour, Marina Calderone, was presented during the online meeting with the trade unions and employers’ associations.

The ministry would in fact be evaluating whether it is possible to extend emergency smart working to the current context. Intervention for would need a tailor-made law instrument. Calderone said that at the moment there is no regulatory vehicle in which to insert it, explaining that this does not mean that it cannot be identified.

The full availability of the minister arrived on the possibility of declining the issue by managing agreements at company level and guaranteeing the possibility of using a simplified communication procedure with ministerial decree, the sources at the discussion table reported to the press agency. It would be a measure that supports the redundancy fund for heat. In other words, the ordinary cig that can be triggered in the presence of exceptionally high temperatures – over 35 degrees Celsius – which prevent the carrying out of work phases in places that cannot be protected from the sun. These are INPS rules, envisaged since 2017, useful for avoiding accidents or illnesses in the event of days with a red dot in terms of temperatures.


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