The government approves (without reading it) the odg and puts Santanchè and his Visibilia in trouble

The government approves (without reading it) the odg and puts Santanchè and his Visibilia in trouble


Out of 277 present, 257 expressed support for the agenda presented by the Democratic Party which undertakes to sanction the company of the Minister of Tourism. The parent company FdI Foti tries to belittle. Twenty, among the majority benches, had noticed the mess

Evidently realizing that a mess was about to be made wasn’t that difficult. In twenty, for example, among the majority benches, they realized it in time. In five they even had the readiness to vote against the opinion given by the government itself. And after all, in presenting the offending agenda, the one he put on the grill Daniela Santanchè and her Visibiliathe same Arthur Scottdeputy of the Democratic Party, had dispelled all doubts: “If it is clear to everyone what we are voting for at the moment – he articulated – as soon as the accusations turn out to be true, Minister Santanchè should resign. So I thank the government for announcing that Minister Santanchè will resign”. Clearer than that. Nevertheless.

At the time of the vote, out of 277 present, 257 expressed support for the agenda. Passed proposal, successful ambush.

And certainly the day after Tommaso Foti, group leader of FdI in Montecitorio, tries to minimize the extent of the accident. “An agenda is like a knighthood, it is not denied to anyone. In history, only one odg was really important: that of Dino Grandi”. It was July 25, 1943: but here we are not, it seems evident, in the imminence of a collapse. Nervousness, on the other hand, is there. Just observe the excitement with which Maria Theresa Bellucci, Melonian Deputy Minister of Labour, justifies herself excitedly in front of her colleagues: “I received hundreds of agendas, it was an unfair act of the opposition,” she says. It was she who gave a favorable opinion on behalf of the government. She had received that odg from Chiara Gribaudo, dem vice president.

No cheating, no cunning. “It is that, taken by the anxiety of sorting that enormous amount of documents, Maria Teresa he only read the device, and not the premises”, colleagues justify it. The premises, in fact, those that explicitly mention the company “Visibilia Editore, at the time controlled with 48.6 percent of the shares by the senator” Santanchè.

Not all, however, skidded. Cristina Almici and Fabrizio Comba, from FdI, voted against. And like them, so are the forzisti Mauro D’Attis, Paolo Russo and Flavio Tosi. Another 15 have preferred the way ofabstention: Bicchielli, Cavo, Pisano, Semenzato and Tirelli of Us Moderates, the Northern League Comaroli, the Melonians Ambrosi, Cangiano, Ciocchetti, Lampis, Longi, Marchetto, Rotondi, Vietri and Vinci.


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