the Democratic Party must return to the squares and among the people –

the Democratic Party must return to the squares and among the people -


For the former prime minister, dialogue must be focused on to broaden consensus, the only way to compete with the right. Bonaccini shares and relaunches: “The Democratic Party, if it wants to be big, must be plural”

If Elly Schlein seeks the unity of the Democratic Party by inviting the “minority” to work on shared themes, Stefano Bonaccini by presenting the new current (which he calls “cultural and political area”) Popular Energy, launches the challenge: “We need our reformism to return to being popular and popular but also that our radicalism does not become sectarianism, elitism and maximalism because a large party knows how to recognize all minorities and strenuously defends their rights, but it does so by speaking and convincing and trying ndo to represent, however, the majority of citizens. It is the difference that separates testimony and movementism from the majority vocation that I do not intend to abandon and I would like us to rediscover”.

In Cesena, in the interventions of many exponents of the reformist area, a word returns (Ulivo) which evokes a political project that was successful. AND it is no coincidence that Romano Prodi arrives at the Fair after years of silence on the events of the Democratic Partythe father of that experience.

The Professor drops a political oxymoron on the table. He invites you to pursue a “sweet radicalism”bringing the Democratic Party back to the squares and among the people day by day, speaking the language of clarity on the issues of Italian life: work, health, school. For Prodi we need to focus on dialogue to broaden consensus, the only way to compete with the right.

And Bonaccini, in the wake of similar interventions by Piero Fassino, Brando Benifei, Graziano Delrio, Giorgio Gori, shares Prodi’s philosophy. In addition, he adds a reflection on the future of the Democratic Party: “ I – underlined Bonaccini – have suffered since the Democratic Party was born, and in my very small way I founded it, from too many times in which, having elected a secretary, we worked a week later to weaken him. But it is also true that it is a democratic party, if it wants to be great, it must be plural. The ideas of many, in this case reformist, I don’t think they cannot have citizenship in the Democratic Party “. And Popular energy will be back with a new appointment in September.

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July 22, 2023 (change July 22, 2023 | 3:24 pm)


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