The crisis of the M5S, since 2019 six regional elections lost allied with the

The crisis of the M5S, since 2019 six regional elections lost allied with the


Of Emanuele Buzzi

Former president Fico invites “not to get depressed” but tension is high among parliamentarians. The “wall” of Conte’s loyalists: exaggerations

Six out of six. A creepy percentage. Yes, because it is the knockout that the Pd-M5S axis recorded in the Regionals. In practically all the regional competitions in which the center-left presented itself united, it lost. And the Five Stars certainly did not shine: the best result obtained by the Movement was 7.8% in Liguria. Certainly not decisive percentages. «We should make a collective reflection on whether or not it makes sense to stay with the Democratic Party. We should consult our base,” says a parliamentarian. The outcome of the vote in Molise has opened a fault line within the Movement, yet none of the top management (as, moreover, has already happened to the Administrative) has put its face in it. No public statement to comment on failure. No reflection on the drop from 24% to 7% in just eight months. Roberto Fico goes on TV, guest of The wind that blows on La7, which cuts short: «A clear defeat, no problem admitting it. It makes us want to start again even more ». And he tries to gloss over it, remaining faithful to the idea of ​​a progressive front: «It’s not that we should be depressed by the defeat in Molise. It is not a battle that can be won in a day but it will be a long marathon». Fico also defends Conte (who on Monday evening, despite having expressed various critical opinions on the attitude of the United States, was celebrating Independence Day at Villa Taverna on Monday evening): «I don’t think that every political defeat should question the leadership”.

Yet in the Movement, at this moment, for the M5S president there are three open fronts. On the one hand there are the former big names, cut off from the two-mandate rule, who are pressing for a revision of the law. Then there is a handful of parliamentarians in their first term who are not convinced by the president’s strategies and who fear – in the future – a sharp decline in the Movement which could also jeopardize future re-elections. Thirdly, there are some exponents who are now in their second mandate, both in Italy and in Europe, who say they are “disappointed” by the management of the groups (“There is no sharing”) and are uncertain about what awaits them. There are about ten, a dozen currently elected in all institutions: numbers that are not sensational, but enough to light a spark. Above all, some parliamentarians have no intention of donating the requested two thousand euros to the party (as per the regulation published a month ago on the M5S website). The situation could get worse and touch the starry coffers in a lively way. In May, the first month in which the new rules were adopted, only 30 out of 80 MPs (37.5%) paid bank transfers.

A slice of M5S exponents close to the president creates a wall. «Exaggerated controversies, artfully pumped up by those who want to damage Conte». But in reality there is a tense climate inside. The litmus test is a hypothesis that has reached the top (and is still on the table): that of studying whether there are incompatibilities between staying in the Movement and joining the “Schierarsi” association, of which Alessandro Di Battista is the promoter and vice president. To complete an already complex picture, the confirmation of the eighteen-month sentence on appeal for Chiara Appendino for the tragedy in Piazza San Carlo has arrived. The former mayor was on the launch pad within the Movement (there were those who had indicated her as a possible alternative to Conte, while her appointment as vice president seemed a step away from her) and now the sentence could curb her ambitions.

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