The case of the Catania rally explodes, the right-wing broadcast on RaiNews24 ends up in surveillance

The case of the Catania rally explodes, the right-wing broadcast on RaiNews24 ends up in surveillance

The live broadcast on RaiNews24 of the right-wing rally for the closure of the Catania municipal campaign, with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Deputy Prime Ministers Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani, will end up in the Supervisory Committee. «I learn from the reports of various parliamentary groups that the rally organized by the center-right in support of the mayoral candidate of Catania would be broadcast live on RaiNews24. The Supervisory Commission will evaluate this case very carefully for all the relevant profiles. There could be an important violation of the level playing field and pluralism that the public service absolutely cannot afford", announces the chairman of the Rai Supervisory Commission, Barbara Floridia (M5s) in a note.

Meloni, the lunge on Rai: “I want to free Italian culture from an intolerant system of power. If someone wants to go, it doesn't concern us."

«In tonight's edition of the RaiNews24 newscast, the rally of right-wing exponents from Catania was broadcast live. This is a very serious violation of the level playing field which he does not remember ever having occurred and which the director of the magazine and the top management of the company must immediately report to. We will present a complaint to Agcom on the case and a question to the Rai supervisory commission to understand how it was possible to implement such an operation in clear violation of the law», say the representatives of the Movimento 5 Stelle in the Rai supervisory commission.

«Extremely serious violation by Rainews24 of the level playing field on the last day of the electoral campaign for the administrative offices in Sicily which broadcast the rally of Salvini Meloni and Tajani live from Catania. Such a thing had never happened before. The new Rai becomes TeleMeloni. We presented an urgent complaint to Agcom and an urgent parliamentary question. Never has public service sunk so low into political bias. It is regime TV », reads a note from the Pd MPs of the Rai Furlan supervisory commission, Nicita, Bakkali, Verducci, Peluffo, Zingaretti, Graziano and the Sicilian dem deputy Barbagallo.

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