Tax, green light to overcome the car superbonus. “But gradually and without aggravations”. Other measures approved

Tax, green light to overcome the car superbonus.  “But gradually and without aggravations”.  Other measures approved


ROME. Green light to the amendment which allows “to evaluate the possible and progressive overcoming” of the superbonus on large-engined diesel cars, but “without greater burdens for the public accounts”. The House Finance Committee approved the text, modifying the aspect concerning financial coverage.

This is one of the items being analyzed by the commission which completed the examination of the reform delegation. The vote for the mandate for the speaker, to send the text to the classroom, is scheduled for next week. “Today’s action is a step forward in reforming our country’s tax system – commented the Deputy Economy Minister, Maurizio Leo – and I trust that there will be the same collaboration in the subsequent stages in parliament as I noticed today”. Leo thanked the commission for the work done: «We moved on the basis of the previous delegation, we assumed the cornerstones of the same and we developed it».

Ok to the payment of the Irpef advance for the self-employed
It will be possible to introduce an installment of Irpef advances and balances, but also to provide for a “progressive and possible” reduction of the withholding tax. This is foreseen by another amendment to the fiscal delegation. In fact, the idea is to allow the installment of the year-end down payment in subsequent periods.

“Thanks to the League, after 50 years and 3 years after my first proposal, with this tax delegation, half of the taxes will finally be paid on balance, after the year and income earned, and no longer in advance”. This was stated by Alberto Gusmeroli, head of the Tax unit of the Lega’s Economy department as well as co-rapporteur of the tax delegation. «A provision that is the result of three years of battles by the League and myself through a draft law, numerous amendments presented, discussions with three governments, agendas approved by three governments, a question approved by Istat and Eurostat and the support of various economic categories and citizens. Many self-employed workers and businesses will no longer end up in tax credit and the greater liquidity available to families and businesses will cause a positive shock to the economy”.

Gradual overcoming of the super stamp
An amendment by the League establishes the principle of overcoming the super stamp with its gradual elimination. “A tax hated by the Italians, unfair and unjust as well as anachronistic which does not generate profits for the state coffers but limits the car market in which Italy is a world leader”, argue the deputies of the League, Riccardo Augusto Marchetti, Alberto Bagnai, Laura Cavandoli, Giulio Centemero and Alberto Gusmeroli.

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