Tania Campelli ex Miss Mamma positive for anti-doping in amateur cycling - Corriere.it

Tania Campelli ex Miss Mamma positive for anti-doping in amateur cycling - Corriere.it

Nado Italia found Epo and potent opioids in the urine of the amateur athlete who was immediately suspended. She had already been disqualified for 24 months, now she risks being disbarred

The news of the day in the field ofanti-doping it's not the controls at the Tour de France but the fact that the Marche T

ania Campelli, 44 years old, Miss Mamma 2019
, tested non-negative (for the second time) in a surprise doping control and now faces radiation. While the International Testing Agency deals with the top level athletes of the
Tour de France (all in order at the moment), our Nado (the Italian anti-doping body) continues to massacre elderly amateurs.

The latest case uncovered by the Italian inspectors (a dozen in recent months among after-workers athletes) fluctuates as always between the grotesque and the disconcerting. In a targeted check, Nado found Recombinant Erythropoietin (the notorious Epo), Oxycodone and Oxymorphone, active ingredients of powerful opioids used in chronic pathologies, in Mrs. Campelli's urine, fresh winner of the open category tricolor shirt and also of that of Miss Mamma 2019 in a beauty contest. The athlete was immediately suspended and, having suffered a 24-month ban fifteen years ago (amphetamines used during the famous granfondo Nove Colli, which he won), now he risks radiation. In the amateur cycling until recently anyone who had been suspended for more than six months could no longer compete. But the Federciclismo has recently abolished the so-called ethical requirement, giving the green light also to athletes like Campelli who will obviously now be able to defend herself in front of the Anti-Doping Tribunal of Rome. The recent victories in races such as the Roxy Bar Trophy, the Madonna della Rosa Trophy and the Pantaleoni Revision Trophy are included in the (sports) curriculum of the athlete from Marche. If his guilt is proven, was it worth doping for the neighborhood bar trophy?

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