accused of corruption and match-fixing -

accused of corruption and match-fixing -

Of Salvatore Riggio

The controversy around Samuel Eto'o does not subside. Request for the opening of an investigation and various charges, from corruption to abuse of power to physical and psychological threats

Samuel Eto'o continues to be at the center of controversy. After
the publication of telephone interceptions
in which he makes it clear that he wants to promote promotion to the top flight of Limbe's Victoria United (at the time eighth in the table, then first at the end of the season), was made public exhibited at Fifa by the Njalla Quan Sports Academy, club that bears the name of its founder, whose son is the great accuser of the current president of the Cameroonian Football Federation.

Summarizing the facts, Henry Njalla Quan in recent days had left his post as vice president of Fecafoot and withdrew his team from national competitions (which in this last season had played in the equivalent of our C series), accusing Eto'o of corruption and declaring that it was the president of the Federation himself who removed Onana from the national team, at that time engaged in the World Cup in Qatar. Eto'o gave one million CFA francs (1,500 euros, ed) to a football official to monitor me e this man started threatening my family. I contacted the prosecutor, who proceeded to guarantee my safety, he said, increasing the dose.

In the file sent to Fifa is asked to open an investigation against the attacker with various charges: corruption, abuse of power, physical and psychological threats, incitement to hatred and violence, dissemination of false news, as well as that of having fixed some matches. Analyzing the facts, there were five expulsions (three players and two substitutes) and three penalties against Njalla Quan in the match against the Kumbo Strikers, in one of the two semi-finals for access to the promotion playoffs, which are still taking place in Cameroon these days. Just a few days before the match, Henry Njalla Quan had asked Eto'o for a reflection on Cameroonian football. In short, the situation is not the happiest for the former center forward, among others, from Barcelona and Inter.

And that's not all. Why about betting Eto'o had already been accused of having signed a personal sponsorship deal with the betting site on May 28. What prohibited by Article 27 of the FIFA Code of Ethics, with a penalty in case of violation of at least 100 thousand Swiss francs (about 104,000 euros) and three years of disqualification. A month later Eto'o then extended the agreement to Fecafoot. And for this reason, it is rumored, that he seems to have been summoned by the highest global body.

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