"Support for bills" - Corriere.it

"Support for bills" - Corriere.it

The government wants to use the RepowerEu, or the additional chapter that it will present to the Pnrr and the related resources for a structural intervention on bills. He said it yesterday the Minister of European Affairs in a hearing in the ChamberRaffaele Fitto, illustrating the half-yearly report on the implementation of the national recovery and resilience plan.

The resource problem

The minister explained that the resources of RepowerEu, the program launched by the EU to respond to the energy crisis, will be used for energy infrastructure and to improve action in support of businesses and households. Fitto then recalled that in the first budget package by the government 21 out of 35 billion they have been used to support the payment of bills, adding that the government is now thinking of a structural intervention, without hiding the problem of resources. In fact, he added, Italy has already booked all the 122 billion in loans available to the Pnrr and, for now, for RepowerEu it ​​can only count on 2.7 billion, few to imagine large interventions.

Third and fourth installment of the Pnrr

For the rest, the minister did not provide details on the third installment of 19 billion, relating to the objectives of the Pnrr for the second half of 2022, which has not yet been released by the EU commission, nor on the fourth installment of 16 billion, relating to the first half of this year, which has not yet been requested because in the meantime the government has proposed to Brussels to modify 10 of the 27 objectives envisaged by the Pnrr and await the response. Among these is also the request to increase coverage through Pnrr of the Superbonus for energy renovations to the detriment of the Sismabonus as the contribution of the latter to the green transition is not clear. The oppositions are dissatisfied, speaking of serious delays. Accusations rejected by Fitto and in fact attributed to the previous government, because the current one should have taken note of the impossibility of achieving the targets set by Draghi.

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