student residences (postponed), kindergartens, hydrogen and

student residences (postponed), kindergartens, hydrogen and

The objectives of the third installment

The most important deadlines of the third installment, set for 31 December 2022, concern the completion of the reform of the civil and criminal process, the annual law on competition and the related implementing instruments. Other results to be achieved concern railway infrastructure, ports and urban investments, social inclusion, energy and the environment, digital transition, public and fiscal administration and spending review.

The 10 changes to the fourth installment

To obtain the fourth installment, Italy is called to achieve 28 objectives: the deadline set by the EU was 30 June 2023. Their achievement will allow it to be able to request the payment of the 16.5 billion euros from the European Commission. To secure these resources, the government has asked Brussels to be able to modify ten objectives of the fourth installment which concern six ministries: Enterprises; Infrastructure and Transportation; Environment and energy security; Instruction; Culture and cohesion policies. Among the changes, a correction of the Cinecittà Project is proposed, which initially envisaged 9 film studios. The investment in technology has also been redefined to avoid overlapping with private investment in the Internet of Things, based on small satellites. Another change concerns the kindergartens, for which it is not required to remove the funding, but more time to issue other tenders. The fourth change concerns the renewal of the regional transport railway fleet and intends to clarify the composition of trains and carriages to be purchased. The fifth intervenes on experimentation of hydrogen for railway mobility, in the light of the unsuccessful tenders. The sixth concerns energy efficiency. Since the contribution to the green transition of the Earthquake bonusin agreement with the Commission services the Government has agreed to increase the target of the Ecobonus. The proposed amendment also allows reporting on the installation of gas-fired condensing boilers to replace less efficient boilers for the Superbonus. The seventh change allows the government to launch new tenders for columns in extra-urban areas, the first ones having been deserted. The eighth clarifies that "No natural gas shall be used for the production of hydrogen for use in the direct reduction of iron." The ninth revises the thresholds for notices of intervention projects against educational poverty in the South in support of the Third sector. Finally, the tenth modifies the description of the investment objective 'Creation of women's businesses', also eliminating the reference to specific financial instruments to support women's businesses.

The next steps

In agreement with the Commission, the proposed changes will have no impact on the total amount of payments that Italy will receive in 2023 with the third and fourth installments (for a total amount of €35 billion). The total of 35 billion euros envisaged by the Pnrr in 2023 will be collected in full. With today's decision by the control room, the government will formally present the proposal to amend the fourth installment to the European Commission, Palazzo Chigi clarifies in a note. The proposal will be examined by the Commission itself and then by the Council of the European Union together with the other 10 proposals to amend the fourth installment already examined by the Steering Committee and presented to the Commission on 11 July, adds the government. The cooperation between the Commission and the Italian authorities has been very constructive. As the technical work is still ongoing, we cannot provide further details at this stage, explained a spokesman for the EU Commission. The Commission will formally assess the proposed amendment in the context of the regulatory framework for reviews of recovery and resilience plans. We do not expect changes to the total amount of payments Italy is expected to receive in 2023, taking into account the third and fourth payment requests, he continued.

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